Age Of Magic Hack – First Working Gold Coins Cheats

Age of Magic is a turn-based strategy game by Playkot where you need to build a team of powerful heroes to beat the powerful demons. Well, the game is gaining huge popularity due to its engaging game modes as well as other features. Know the gameplay and then start playing it to improve your winning chances. Having a good number of heroes in your team can help to fight against the opponents and win other challenges. Choose the heroes wisely to send them into the battles. Pick one hero of your friend to take it along with other heroes for the battle.

In the beginning, you can get some heroes for free, but later, you need to unlock more heroes. First of all, you will get access to the campaign mode, and then you can enjoy other game modes by unlocking them. You can also repeat different stages of the game to earn EXP potions, which are mainly required for the training of heroes.

How to Increase the power of your heroes?

In order to defeat the monsters in the arena and chapter mode, players need to make use of effective strategies. The most important thing is to improve the power of the heroes to develop them. Many ways are out there to help heroes to get more power in no time. To develop the skills of your heroes, here are a few methods that need to be taken into consideration.

  • Training – never forget to train your heroes because it is a vital aspect. Make the best possible use of EXP potions to train your heroes in a perfect way. In this way, your heroes can perform better during the battles after getting an increased speed, armor, and hit points.
  • Make upgrades – every hero present in the game has two types of skills – basic and special. Basic skills can be used with ease, but you need to be aware while using special skills. Try to upgrade the skills first and then make improvements to your heroes.
  • Gears – heroes must be equipped with the right gear before taking them into the battlefield. Try to collect gears from the chapter mode or take assistance from the Age of Magic hack. The maximum numbers of gears you can equip are six.

Apart from this, players can also increase the rarity of heroes to make them more powerful. After this, they can build up a team by choosing five heroes to win battles against the opponents.

Try to level up faster

Who doesn’t want to make progress faster? Most of the beginners are trying to level up quickly to compete against the superior players. To accomplish their goals faster, they need to complete the different types of quests. The completion of various quests rewards them with a good number of XP. It can also be derived by repeating some stages in the campaign mode. At the initial stages, try to focus on the quests; otherwise, you may lose the opportunity to level up faster. Complete the various quests quickly and reach the advanced stages of the game and get more rewards.

Claim your daily rewards

Winning battles and heading over to the advanced stages is not only about making good strategies. There are many other aspects to which beginners need to pay appropriate attention. They should also focus on the freebies and reward system to enjoy the perks. Some beginners never pay attention to free rewards offered by game developers. Every day, players can get some rewards after login the game. They can avail hero shards, gold coins, and other important goodies for free by log in the game once a day. After login the game continuously for a week, you can claim some special rewards.

Take part in events and tournaments

After reaching level 25, you can unlock the tournaments and events. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to win exciting rewards by avoiding these events. Take part in tournaments and events to win exciting prizes. Never take part in the events in a hurry, wait, and take a deep breath and know about the requirements that you need to complete. Make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements to take part in events. These events and tournaments are also making the game more interesting for game enthusiasts.

Wrapping up

Age of Magic has some unique features and gameplay elements that make it different from other creations under the same genre. Learn all about the battle system and resource gathering to complete every stage without hassles. If you require funds, then the use of the Age of Magic cheats can help you in a perfect way. Get enough diamonds, rubies, and other important resources to complete every stage quickly. Compete against other players in different game modes and show the skills of your heroes.