Airline Commander

Airline Commander

Airline Commander Cheats – Learn How To Get Credits

Note: We are not forcing you to do this, however, if you want to experiment and try the cheats, you can try them, but we will not take any responsibility. We are not affiliated with the game in any way.

Airline commander is a simulation game in which not only you can learn to fly the plane but also can create your own best groups of the airline. The new flight game was developed for Android and iOS users. Here one can manage its group of airlines by developing the fleet so much by earning licenses for different purposes, to unlock various routes, earn money and can take it to the position of no. 1 airline of the world. The game has a fascinating and entertaining gameplay design will make you feel that you own your own airline company. The realistic model of the game so much entices the users to have once the pleasure of playing this game.

Same as the real life you can do everything; you’ll require some other beings to run the airline properly, so it is the right moment to invite them. Them who? I mean your friends as this game can be played in the multiplayer mode. Now you and your friends can fly on to several routes. However, if you are thinking that it’ll be an easy task to perform then wait you are slightly wrong here as in the game you will face some hurdles in your path that you will have to face in reality. Let’s see what challenges you are going to face in the game.




Talking about the currency, then there are flight points and money that you need to collect here. Now if you are wondering that what are their uses, and then continue reading.

As obviously you will require money in the game for buying various planes, the other accessories like diesel, for the approval of the licenses so that you can unlock even more routes.

As a result, unlocking more routes will earn you more money from passengers. So, ultimately to make money, you need to open more paths in the game.

The next leading central fund in the game is the flight credits. These flights points can be earned by completing your fly routes. But by completing your flight, you will only get some amount of credits. However, the rest of the credits will be rewarded to you based on how smoothly you handle out the plane during the flight. Thus, if you want to acquire all the credits, you will require to take off the plane very well, smartly handle the aircraft during the mean time of the journey which may be due to weather or somewhat else, moreover you will have to land the plane smoothly. This way you will get all the flying credits in the game. However, if you don’t want to beat your brows doing it then you can for sure opt for the Airline Commander cheats, thereby you will get an unlimited number of credits in the game.

Now, let’s move on to some of the features of the game that have the propensity to keep the players stick to it.


Here I have mentioned some astounding features of the game; you can have a look at those below.

  • One can manage several aircraft along with your promising team members.
  • unlock several routes.
  • Face the pragmatic weather conditions that will let you experience like real aircraft commander.
  • Graphics and realistic conditions will make feel you feel flabbergasted.
  • Complete routes and carry passages to their destinations.




Play in the normal mode first, it will help you in being comfortable with the controls in the game, once you become perfect in flying the air, switch to the simulation game and enjoy the realistic graphics.

There are points in the game when you are short of money, at that point of time you need to complete your route carrying the passengers this way you will get the flying credits as well as cash. However you can also make the use of Airline Commander hack, this will make progress even quicker by letting you catch hold of a generous amount of credits and money in the game.

Apart from that, keep in mind to set the controls that will help you in tilting the plane. Rest, the sky is entirely yours, hurry up and enjoy the real experience of flying the plane on a virtual platform. Be a good air fleet commander.



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