Army Men Strike Cheats

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Army Men Strike Cheats – Learn How To Get Gold

Army men Strike a multiplayer strategy game where one needs to build the camp of your army. IF you have ever played RTS games, then in a few days you will become familiar to the features of Army Men Strike game. The basic gameplay is although very simple, here you are the leader of your army and you have to lead them in the battles. You’ll also need to build the camps for your small green soldiers. In the game, you need to strategize everything to conquer the fight. The best thing about the game is its aura that gets created in the game. Volcano games develop this combat strategy game. The Android users can significantly enjoy the battle game on their gadgets, whereas the iOS users have the pleasure of playing the game as well.  In the game, you will need to build a team of army toys, look for weapons, provide training to the army, and much more.


There is one leading and prominent in-game currency, and that is gold, which can be obtained by

  • Conquering the battles
  • Collecting the rewards and
  • one of the easiest is to purchase it from the store.

Now here comes the problem, because not all the people have sufficient amount of money to spend in the game to purchase the gold. Don’t fret; here is the answer to your problem. You can opt for the Army Men Strike hack to have access to the central fund of the game that is gold.

Apart from the gold, there are two more resources that one need to collect in the game and that are the plastic and paint. These resources can be obtained through the factories. For that, you need to construct and upgrade the buildings by using gold. But, if you don’t have enough gold then obtain them by making the use of Army Men Strike cheats and generate the resources.


Moving on to the features of the game, then its alluring features are enough to engage the players in. Here not only you will need, but also you will require beating the brows in building up the strategies.  You will be amazed after looking at some of the features of the game.  SO why to waste time here, let’s jump on straight to the elements along with bonus tips to conquer the game.

  • Corp Quests

The corps quest can help your corps to grow and thrive much faster, which will ultimately help you to obtain the rewards in the game. Without participating in it, you can’t continue the game as the growth of the corps will become stunted. Therefore, it is better to complete these quests regularly. The quest includes the gathering of corps, trading, sign in, destroying the secret base, and much more.

  • Building power

Training the troops, letting the building to construct and researches are some of the tasks that are essential to enable the power increase in the game. Moreover, it is crucial if you don’t want to face the problem of lacking the power at some point in between the game. By playing the game at the same time daily so that the troops are continuously being trained for 24 hours and don’t forget to set the forces for training before leaving the game.

  • Defense skill

Building the hospitals instead of the resources is much better option do you want to know why? It is because when the intruders have attacked you and your army, you can heal the enemies in the hospitals. SO that enemies can’t kill the no. of troops that are being recovered in the hospital. Moreover, the healed army can help you in obtaining the resources, but think if soldiers will get killed what will you do with your funds. Therefore, it is always to best to build more hospitals than the resources. And to construct the hospitals, you will require in-game currency that I already mentioned above that you can earn an unlimited amount of gold by using the Army Men Strike hacks.

Now that you know the strategy behind the game, you can ace up the game by conquering all the battles with power and intelligence.


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