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Avakin Life Cheats – Best Tool For Unlimited Avacoins

Avakin life is a three-dimensional role-playing game that is based on real-life processes. Till now, you might have been played many such role-playing simulation games, but this is slightly different. It is a perfect game to get rid of boredom. The game allows you to create your character and your world as well. You will see that there are several missions included, which you can play and have fun.

Talking about the graphics of the game, then they look amazing and closer to the real world. The controls are easy to understand.  You can get the game entirely for free on your devices, but there are in-app purchases that cost real-life currencies directly or indirectly. So, if you are someone who doesn’t want to put hands in the pocket for money, then using the Avakin Life cheats is the best option for you.  However, if you’re going to have complete knowledge of the currencies and its use, then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss each currency of the game in detail. SO, without any further delay, let’s delve in straight.

Starting the game

If you are a beginner and you have never played games like this before, then let me tell you how you can make a start in Avakin life. You can easily download this particular game from Google Playstore as well as the iOS apple app store as per your device. After that on the home screen of the game, there will be two options, The first one is for new users, and the second one is for old ones. When you tap new user, you will require filling some of your common details like name, gender, etc.  As your account will get created, you will get 1250 gold and 150 gems as a reward. After that, you can continue your journey in the game.

In-game currencies

In the game, you are going to meet two primary currencies of the game that are diamonds and Avacoins.  These currencies are not merely some elements of the game, but these hold very significant roles in progress. Therefore, you should never neglect them.

  • Avacoins

Avacoins are the basic currency of Avakin Life that is used for almost everything in the game from performing all the tasks to purchase a bunch of things in the shop. Some of the items that you can buy using the Avacoins are new features, poses, petkins, furniture, clothing, etc.

  • Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium credits featured by the game. These are sometimes also referred to as gems. If you want to earn gems in the game, then you will have to perform particular tasks in the game. You also can get diamonds by leveling up in the game. Rest, you can collect the gems in more quantity by using the Avakin Life hack. Coming on to their use, then the gems are used for purchasing the significant pieces of stuff in the game that you can’t buy spending the coins. Also, to upgrade the things in the game, diamonds play a substantial role in Avakin Life.

  • Apart from these two currencies, there are Avabucks as well. The Avabucks are earned by working in shops like Barista or some club, which can be exchanged at ATM to get Avacoins. Here, you will require a total of 4 Avabucks to get one Avacoin.

These are currencies in the game that you should keep your focus on. Now that you know enough about the funds let’s have a look at some other elements as a bonus tip.


Tips are generally helpful as these help you to play a particular game in a more improved way. So, here are specific tactics that you can opt:

  • In the game, you should always participate in the event as these will provide you free rewards, which can be some sort of currency or some exclusive pieces of stuff. These events are organized in the game on a weekly and monthly basis. These events consist of some innovations that you require completing in order to claim the rewards.
  • Try to use the Avakin Life cheats to help you to get instant currency in the game.
  • Always go for a different avatar in the game as it also helps to on a good number of points in the game, and it improves your level as well.
  • You can also earn free rewards and points by attending various parties. So, all in all, try to get popular more easily and quickly.

Last but not least, I will recommend you always to watch the tutorial first as it will introduce you with many other features of the game overall that will improve your performance. Enjoy your new virtual life with Avakin Life.

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