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Bricks n Balls Hack - Learn How To Get Ruby


If you are into the puzzle games then here the Cheetah mobile has come up with the Bricks n Balls games- the best of all the puzzle games. In the game, you only require hitting the bricks but by using your thinking skills so that it hits the maximum number of blocks. The blocks here consisting of few numbers, as the ball will hit the bricks the number on the will keep decreasing. Your goal here is to damage as many bricks as you can. You’ll be given a certain amount of balls in each level.

You need to score the best in the levels, as is will help you to gain more funds in the game. However if, you are unable to score well in the levels that don’t fret you always got the back of the Bricks n Balls hack to get hold of the gems in the game.

There are a lot of modes in the game that you can enjoy playing by using your strategic skills.


Talking about the leading funds of the game, there is only one currency that the player needs to collect in the game. Ruby is the prime currency in the game. There are many benefits of having access to the rubies in the game, such as if you lose at any level, then you can continue the game by spending a certain amount of rubies.

Also, the ruby can be utilized in boosters, which make the level much more comfortable to complete. It will cost you around 100 rubies to get one booster only. Therefore, sometimes it becomes necessary in the game to use the boosters. But what if you ran out of the ruby? How will you be now able to purchase the power-ups, so we have got you one solution to use the Bricks n Balls cheats. By using the cheat, you’ll obtain a generous amount of rubies that I think will be sufficient for you to purchase the number of power-ups you want to buy.

However, other than using the hack, there is one more by which you can earn a certain amount of rubies in the game. But for claiming the free rubies, you will require to watch some promotional video advertisements. For each, you will get a total of 20 rubies, and you can only earn 100 rubies in a day, which again sets a limitation for the users that they can only see a maximum of 5 videos in a day.


There are many different Modes in the game; In fact, there are missions as well in the game. However, talking about the modes, below I have reiterated some of the modes that the players can enjoy in the game.

Classic mode

Here you are given a total of 5 balls in the starting, and you will require achieving the success by gradually working hard in the level. It is the most extended level in the game and also is time-consuming. However, moving to the next mode, we have the campaign mode. Let’s discuss what we have new in this mode?


The campaign mode is the prime mode in the game, where it is necessary to keep completing the missions while getting three stars in the game. The mode will entice you so much in the game that you will want to keep playing in the campaign.

The century mode

Last but not least is the 100 ball mode where you are provided with 100 balls in total. It is a random level in the game; here if you score well in the game, then you can win up to 150 rubies in the game.

Thus, you can think that how much the creator of the game has developed the thinking of each feature so that the players remain stick to the game. So, if you are interested in puzzle games, then this is one of the game for you.