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Well, if anyone from you is a fan of an aggressive and competitive sport like boxing, then you might have played several video games till now.  I’m also a big fan of boxing games, and with that respect, I have one game to suggest you guys that is the Boxing Star. It is one of the latest launched games that have a boxing theme, and Forty ThirtyThree is the creators of this game. You can play the game on Android and iOS platforms having devices.



Gameplay overview

Now talking about the basic gameplay of the game, then let me tell you that here, the players can develop their very own boxers. The particular boxer will then continue his career in the field of boxing. First of all, you will be only a street fighter, but the title of the world’s boxing champion will be on your head soon. For that, you need to make sure that you are equipped with a good pair of gloves and also excellent skills. In the game, your entire journey will be full of challenges, and you need to overcome to make progress. However, if at some point you feel stuck at the game, then don’t worry; you can also utilize the Boxing Star hack anytime to catch hold of the track again.

Now, let’s discuss other crucial things you should know in the game. We have reiterated some tips and elements of the game below to help you in getting more acquainted with the knowledge of the game.


The most important stuff in the game that you should never blur your focus on is the in-game credits. The Boxing Star is having three types of in-game currencies named Gold, S-coins, and Coins. These are required to upgrade the skills of your character and the gears as well.  Not only is this but also to play league mode and get premium stuff in the game, you will need these currencies. So, all in all, it becomes essential to collect them throughout your gameplay. However, if somehow you fail to do so, then you can always go for the Boxing Star cheats as these will provide you with enough amounts of funds instantly.


Now that we know all the vital pieces of stuff in the game let’s move on and grab some tips to improve the overall gameplay in Boxing Star. So, if you are looking forward to dominating the boxing world in the game, then you should have a glance at the below-mentioned tips.  Without any delay further here comes our first tip:

  1. Dodging can save you

If you want to win the fights clearly without taking any damage, then you necessarily need to know to dodge. Dodging is a type of defense move that you get in the game to defend yourself from the attacks of your opponent. Also, this particular move is impossible to expect. So, here’s the tip, you should always look out for the super moves, hooks, and the uppercuts.  These have longer windups in the game and therefore are easy to predict, which means that you can also think of your counter-attack at that moment. In this way, you can prevent yourself from taking any damage.

  1. Mixing all the punches

Well, most of the beginners used to mash all the attack buttons randomly, but here you should different attacks. You require being a little bit strategic here while laying your attacks on to the opponent. For example, you should not use the uppercuts always just because it is the most potent attack; instead, what you can do is throwing few jabs first and then hooks to make the thing difficult for your opponent to handle. It is because using the same attacks, again and again, will make it easier for your challenger to guess the upcoming move from your side.

  1. Upgrade your level

Getting leveled up always comes with several benefits, no matter what game you are playing. The first benefit is that after progress in your level, you will be able to unlock many new things. Also, you’ll get a new equipment slot, which means that you can access more gears in a battle. It will help you win the game easily.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade your gears as well with the help of credits you have. In case if you lose to collect enough credits for that, then it can be a significant trouble stone in your progress. Here the Boxing Star hack can be an excellent help to you as it will provide you a good number of credits in the game.

So, that’s all for the tips you can apply in Boxing Star to improve your gameplay.  Now, what are you waiting for go and get down in the ring?


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  1. I like this game because it help me relax relieved my stress on my daily lives and I really love watching boxing so playing this game make me happy that I can feel like I am a boxer too.

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  3. I really really enjoy this game and can’t wait to see if this hack actually works I’ll keep you posted.


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