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Brawl Stars Hack – 5k Gems Cheats That Works Easily And Fast

If you are a huge fan of Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and various other Supercell games then it is time to rejoice! Supercell has developed yet another engrossing and addictive online game; the Brawl Stars. It is a MOBA that has the capability to keep you hooked to your screens.

Brawl Stars Hack



Who Are Brawlers?

The game characters that you select for playing in the game are known as Brawlers. Each Brawler has different strengths and weaknesses, so you need to select them carefully. An ability that is inbuilt in each Brawler is that they can go invisible to opponents by hiding behind the bushes. However, if you bump into another Brawler hiding behind the same bush then your game character won’t remain invisible anymore.

Controls in the game

There are two different control modes available in the settings of the game. The first mode is tap to move and the second mode is joystick move. You can either select any one control mode for your game or you can use a particular control mode on a certain character.

If you select the joystick mode, then you will have better abilities to move your game character around quickly. On the other hand, in tap to move mode, you may face some difficulties to shoot accurately in long ranges.

Various Game Modes

The Brawl Stars game involves four game modes. These modes have been discussed below:


In this 3 vs. 3 game mode, you need to focus on killing as many opponents as possible. The more you kill enemy Brawlers, the more points you will earn or you can also try using Brawl Stars Cheats 2019. As you keep progressing in the game by killing the opponents, you will be able to earn Stars. When you kill the opponent without dying, you will be able to earn an additional Star.

Once you earn 7 Stars, you will become the “Most Wanted” Brawler. However, when you get killed in the game, the number of Stars that you have will be awarded in Points to the team that killed you. Even if you are in the lead by earning several Stars, you need to still play vigilantly as a single kill on high valued target will make your opponent acquire the same scores like you.

Smash And Grab

In this mode, there is a Gem mine in the center of the map. This mine will spawn Gems every 10 seconds. Every time a Gem spawns on the arena, it will be close to neutral area or in the center. As soon as the Gems spawn, each team will jump in to collect the Gems.

Your team will be controlled entirely by you. It is important to play safely because if you die then all your Gems will be spilled and can be collected by other players. The winner of the game mode will be the team who has collected 10 Gems and could hold them for a period of 16 seconds.


In this mode, you do not have any team mates. You will be playing independently. There will be 10 Brawlers in the arena and all of them will be playing for themselves. You begin the mode by selecting the Brawler and then taking them to the ground. In the arena, you need to collect as many power-ups as you can.

Power-ups will be available in the TnT boxes and can also be acquired from other Brawlers. Each power-up will provide your game character 7% attack power and 100 hit points. The strength of each Brawler is based on the power-ups they have, so collecting them is extremely crucial in the game.


The Heist mode has 3 vs. 3 gameplay. Your team has to protect or attack a huge container full of loot that is guarded in an opponent’s spawn. Randomly you will be selected for protecting or attacking the container. The container contains approximately 5,500 hit points and the Brawlers have to defend their container at all costs.

However, defending it won’t be easy as there are several obstacles that they need to cross in the battlefield. There will be a particular time period allotted in which the attacking team needs to damage the container as much as they can.

The winner of this mode will be the one who could defend their container until the time expires. However, if the attacking team is able to open the container then they will be the winner.

How To Unlock Brawlers

You will come across Brawl Boxes in the game. Once you open them, you will be able to unlock Brawlers and Elixir. The Brawl Boxes can be acquired by spending 100 Coins, which are the primary in-game currency. Coins can either be earned in the game or can be purchased by spending Gems. However, you can easily get Gems with Brawl Stars Hack.

However, it is not necessary that you will get a new Brawler from the Brawl Box. There are chances of getting a duplicate Brawler too. Moreover, the chances of getting a Common Brawler are very high in comparison to getting a Legendary Brawler. If you acquire a duplicate Brawler, then you can get it converted into Chips. Chips are another in-game currency that is mainly used for buying new Brawlers.

The amount of Elixir that you will acquire from the Brawler Box will depend on its rarity – Common, Epic, Rare, or Legendary. Common Boxes will give you 1 Elixir, Rare Boxes will give 2 Elixir, Epic Boxes will provide 5 Elixir, and the Legendary Boxes will give you 10 Elixirs.

How To Level Up Brawlers

The easiest way to level up Brawlers is by participating in PvP battles. At the end of each battle, your Brawler will reach new levels. Moreover, there are certain Leaderboards that are tied to each Brawler. By winning in the PvP battles, your game will also reach new levels. New levels will enable you to unlock some special avatars. Also you can use Brawl Stars Hack to level up easier.

Trophies, Coins, Chips, Elixir And Gems

When you participate in a PvP battle, you will earn Trophies. In order to reach higher levels in the Leaderboards, you will require Trophies.

Coins are the primary currency of the game that can be acquired by participating in any game mode. Another way to earn Coins is by getting bonuses. Bonuses can be earned when you win the PvP battles. You will come across Coin Boost and Coin Doubler in the game shop. To purchase more Coins, you can buy the Coin Boost from the shop. The Coin Doubler will enable you to double up to 1000 Coins in a certain game mode. Coins can also be generated with Brawl Stars Cheats.

Elixir is required for upgrading the Brawlers. Whether you want to upgrade the Brawler’s health or attack, you will require Elixir. You can acquire Elixir by opening the Brawl Boxes.

Chips are another in-game currency that can be acquired through Cards. The amount of Chips you get will depend on the rarity of the card. If it is a Common Card then you will acquire 1 Chip. Rare Cards will give you 2 Chips, Epic Cards will provide you with 5 Chips, and Legendary Cards will give you 10 Chips.

Chips can be acquired from the Brawler Boxes. They are mostly spent on buying Brawlers that are not available with you. So, with Chips you can acquire some of the Legendary Brawlers to join your team.

Gems are the premium currency of the game that can be bought with real-world money or generated up with Brawl Stars Hack 2020. With the help of Gems, you can speed up the entire progress in Brawl Stars game. Gems can be used for buying some important resources.

Band And Game Room

Similar to the Guild in several online games, Brawl Stars operates a Band. It is necessary to join a band as you will be able to share your strategies and gain some tips from other players. There is a custom chat room where you can have conversations with all those players who are online.

You can even create your own Band by adding some of the known players to your team in the game. In the Band, you can see the Trophies collected by others and their rankings in the world.

In the game, you can even create a personalized game room by clicking on the main menu of the game. You can add all your team mates in the game room and plan strategies for playing together. It is like creating your own 3 vs. 3 team.

If you are unable to decide which two players you should take into the battle then you can put up an advertisement in your Band. Just click the blue icon at the top of your screen that reads – Advertise in your Band.

By doing this, your advertisement will reach the players in your Band. Interested players will then click the green icon that will enable them to join your team. Once the entire team is ready, you will be taken to the arena for fighting with the opponents.

So, play well and have fun in the world of Brawl Stars! The game and Brawl Stars Cheats will surely keep you occupied for several days.

Brawl Stars Hack


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