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Call of Wars is a newly launched game that has enticed a lot of players all around the world with its amazing graphics. The game will let you experience the scenario of the real Second World War. Here you will get to experience tank and naval battles along with air raids as well. You are, you have to intelligently build your most active alliance and expand it recklessly to beat your enemies down. Here you can make the use of secret weapons or assault rifles as well. The only thing that you must keep in mind is that strategy matters most here. Before starting the game, first, strategize everything about the economy through resources and then get into the field.


Initial in the game, when you will start, you will find out there are several modes available for you to play here. There is a whole different range from which you can choose the one you like, for example, Arctic domination with a hundred players. Restart, there will be one day in the game that can be considered as the peace day for you. During this day, you can prepare your troops for the war, build a great army, and collect resources for your forces.

Now the best thing you can do here is to choose an isolated country. Some remote countries that you can select are the UK, Japan, or Finland. But keep in mind one thing that you won’t get that much amount of resources for your troops. However, you always have the back of Call of War cheats with you to support and provide an unlimited amount of credit and funds. But still, you should continually strategize the things beforehand so that you will not have to face issues during the war. Now let’s grab a little information about the resources as well.


In every game that consists of building troops in the army, resources play a very significant role in the entire gameplay. It is because you have to maintain the collection of resources to keep your military and troops fulfilled with their hunger needs. So I will suggest you put your best effort into preserving and maintaining a good and constant supply of food and other resources in the game. It will keep your entire army and population constant. However, if in case you are facing issues due to the lack of food, then take the support of Call of Wars hack to get a generous amount of resources instantly. You will be able to compensate for the moral and the speed your army has lost during the availability of insufficient food amount.

To generate even more resources, you can also create industrial complexes in your resource region by purchasing in rare materials. Doing this will help you to make a good amount of resources. One thing that I want to tell you guys is that developing your infrastructure also boosts the supplies in the game a lot. Therefore you must pay attention to the infrastructure of your region.


In the game call of words, you will find several different maps to choose from and play in. You can select your map manually or that it randomly selected; the choice is all upon you.


Now here comes the most crucial segment of the game that is the units. It is the main feature of the game. You will require building the units to be down the provinces of your enemies and to defend your country as well. You can produce these you did in your provinces. So here are the list of units we have in the game.

  • Infantry

This particular unit includes artilleries, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft, guns, military, and much more.

  • Next up we have armor

Armor units include all types of tanks, tanks destroyers, propelled artillery and anti-aircraft guns, and mechanized infantry as well.

  • Air units

Next up, we have air units; there are tactical, strategic, and naval bombers. Other than that, the air units include interceptors as well.

  • Naval units

It is basically for the navy; therefore, it includes the machines that can help the troops to fight with enemies in or under the water. Some of the things that it includes are submarines for secret or underwater attack and defense, Cruisers, Destroyers, Battleships to fight with enemies, Aircraft Carried, etc.

  • Secret units

Talking about the hidden units, then these are for doing maximum damage to the enemies. These secrete units include Rockets, Secret commandos, Paratroopers, Nuclear Rockets, Bomber, Battleship, Carrier, and submarine, etc.

So, with this game, you can experience the real brutality of the time of the Second World War. Not only is this it will let you handle it your way to see if you can win the situation from your side. Without waiting for a further moment here, get this fantastic game from the Google play store or the apple store.

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