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Castle Clash is a pocket-friendly strategy game where you can build and manage your castle in order to defend it against the attacks of the enemies. The game features intense battles and breathtaking strategy where more than 100 million players compete against each other in order to become the best Warlord. However, you may need lot’s of currencies to become one and the real helper can be our Castle Clash Hack.

In the game, you have to build up your castle and equip it with the best defenses in order to protect it from other warlords. At the same time, you have to train different troops and attack other castles to get rewards. Apart from competing with other players in Castle Clash, you can also participate in lots of PVE events such as dungeon quests, raids, etc.

If you are looking for exciting combat, action packed and fast paced strategy game, this surely is the right place for you. We have brought for you a game named castle clash. This game is precisely known for its epic proportions of different fun genres.  The game allows you to hire some of the extremely powerful heroes that can easily help you to lead the army of the mythical creatures that help you to get through the game.


You will have to fight your way in the game through all the enemies in order to become the greatest warlord in the world. You can also put your strategical skills at a test in the raids and the dungeons that are provided to you in the game. Also, the Castle Clash hack offers you to get through the game easily and quickly.

Castle Clash Hack

The features of the game

Castle clash has a huge number of features for the users that make it exciting and better than the rest of the game present in the same genre. To help you get a wider idea of this prospect we have mentioned down the feature below.

  • The game allows you to play in any of the new PvP or co-op modes. You can choose any of the modes easily.
  • It also offers you to have the guild on guild fun. You can have it by joining the fortress feud.
  • The game allows you to play with your friends from all around the world. You can easily battle the fearsome bosses together and win the game.
  • The game is also best for the pet lovers as it allows you to become the best of buds with the pets.
  • You can also assemble all your favorite heroes together and play in the squad showdown mode. This mode is freshly introduced in the game is known to be extremely efficient.
  • You will be able to evolve and collect a number of powerful heroes.
  • It also offers you the facility to choose from any of the available different units in order to create your own army in the game.
  • You will also be allowed to build an impenetrable fortress in the game, which will help you to remain safe.

If you have not yet played Castle Clash game then mentioned below are some of the interesting aspects that will encourage you to try the game!


The market is flooded with lots of strategy games, but Castle Clash brings you both PVP and PVE experience. In the PVP Mode, you can train your troops in order to attack and conquer other enemy base and at the same time build extraordinary defenses to protect your base from attacks of others. In the PVE mode, you can participate in lots of dungeon quests or raids and earn exciting rewards on completion of these events. You can also earn resources just by using cheats.

Hero Mechanism

The game features different types of heroes whom you can train in order to fight against other players. There are three different groups of heroes in the game, which are Ordinary Heroes, Elite Heroes, and Legendary Heroes. Each hero begins at level one and you can train them in order to make them stronger. You can build a team of heroes so that you can brighten your chance of winning battles against enemies.

Buildings And Upgrades

You need to build and manage different types of buildings in the game in order to build a heavily defended base. The main building in the game is Town Hall. You have to constantly upgrade your Town Hall in order to be able to construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones.

Attack buildings are required to create fighting troops and train heroes whereas defensive buildings are required to defend the base against attack from enemies. Resource buildings are required to create or store resources such as Gold and Mana. Apart from all these buildings, there are decorations which can be placed in your base to give it an aesthetic look.


A user will try a game if it features a language which he understands! In order to reduce the language barrier, the game has been introduced in eight different languages; namely English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Korean. So, any user who knows any of the above-mentioned languages can try out Castle Clash game.

In-Game Currencies

Gold and Mana are the primary currencies of the game whereas Gems are the premium currency.


You can earn Gold by clearing dungeons, raiding opponents, daily rewards, buying Gold Packs, completing challenges and quests, etc. Gold is used for purchasing and upgrading several kinds of Buildings such as Town Hall, Walls, etc. You will even require Gold for researching Spells, buying Traps, upgrading Heroes and Troops. Gold can be bought by spending Gems.


Mana is useful for recruiting units and buying certain Buildings. You can even buy or upgrade Gold Mines and Vaults by spending Mana. For earning Mana, you need to clear dungeons, complete quests, raid other players, collect from Mana Mills, etc. Mana can even be purchased from the game shop by spending Gems.


Gems are the special currency of the game that are used for purchasing Gold, Mana, Honor Badges, Heroes, Builders, etc. You can even upgrade the buildings and revive your heroes by using Gems. Additionally, you can use Gems for buying dungeon entries and Lost Realm entries. Gems are the most useful currency in the game as you can buy several things by using it.

Gems can automatically finish construction of a building, upgrade a building, and upgrade Spells and Troops. Purchasing Shields, decorations, new heroes, etc. becomes very easy with Gems. You will require plenty of Gems to survive in the game. To earn Gems, you need to complete achievements and procure through daily rewards. Gems can also be bought by spending real world money. The last option but not the least is you can earn gems easily by using Castle Clash Hack.


Tips and tricks

The game surely is best known for its amazing qualities and features in case you are wondering about the ways that will help you get through the game; we are here to help you. The Castle Clash cheats will help you to win the game easily and gain higher rankings.

  • You should always place your building as close as possible. It will help you to create a boundary around you and keep all the enemies away for sure. It will be really tough for the enemy troops in the game to shoot you over the walls. This hence will help you survive longer.
  • It is important for you to build the arena in the game as soon as you start playing. This will help you to earn the HB. It will also be helpful in increasing your rank along with the HB intake of yours on an hourly basis.
  • Also, increasing the town hall level in the game will advantage you with maximizing the size of your own army. You need to make this level upgrade as soon as possible.
  • It is important for you to strategically use all the four main types of troops that you have. This will help you in easily winning the game.
  • In case you are looking for a guaranteed win in the battle that is coming, it is best to target the town hall. You will get some benefits over the enemies by this action of yours.


The tips and tricks mentioned in this article will help you win the game easily and establish your domination over the enemies. You can also use the Castle Clash hack in order to unlock some of the hidden features and powers in the game. It will also provide you the opportunity to get some kind of special powers that can help you win in the game.

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