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Choices: Story You Play is a simulation game and available with numerous stories. All these stories are based on different types of element or genre. With it, the interested ones are able to create own stories by customizing the characters. The players are able to read the stories and enjoying it by participating. For such a task, you need to spend some funds, and it can be earned by availing Choices Hack services.



Key features

The game is designed on the basis of various features. Availability of features is making the game entertaining and enjoyable. Following are some important ones.

  • Customize the main character

In all types of stories, there are some main characters. You are able to customize the characters by changing their appearance and some other factors. For the customization, you need to be focused on lots of elements and in-game stuff. You can buy such items from the in-game store. These items can be unlocked by spending currency.

  • Different types of stories

It is designed with the addition of various stories. All stories are based on different genres. Mainly the genres are providing regularly entertaining content, and due to the variations, you do not get bored. Mainly the genres are –

  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Fantasy

In the stories, you should pay attention to various factors such as – solve crimes, fall in love and so on. By following the Choices cheats you are able to get introduced with the way of performing such activities.

  • Regular updates

The servers are filled with lots of stories. With it, the developers are updating it with some new stories. Due to it, you never get bored, or you do not need to access any kind of story again. If we talk about the chapters, then these are updated by the servers on a weekly basis.

  • Take control of stories

When it comes to play the stories, then the individuals need to be focused on various elements. Mainly they are required to perform actions in the stories by answering some questions. All questions appear with some options. You need to choose one of these options. On the selection of an option, future steps are decided.

Tips for playing

If you are interested in getting a quick success, then you need to be focused on the way of playing. With the help of upcoming tips, you can play the game easily.

  • Switch stories

As we discussed above, there are different types of stories available in the game. If you are getting bored by playing one story, then you can switch to another one. Here, you do not lose the progress for the story. Later, you are able to access that particular story where you leave.

  • No replays

With the help of Choices Hack, you can unlock and complete numerous chapters. At once you complete a chapter, then you are not able to replay it again. For such a task, you need to reset progress and start playing it from the first step.

  • Get more keys

Keys are playing an important role in the game. By spending the keys, the players are able to perform different types of activities. When it comes to earn keys, then you can be focused on the chapters. Completing chapters continuously can help you in earning lots of keys with ease.

  • Gather diamonds

Diamonds are another kind of currency available. The use of diamonds is becoming useful in several ways. For the collection of diamonds, you should try to read numerous stories and complete various chapters.

Freeways to get funds

  • Connect with Facebook

When you connect the game account with Facebook profile, then you are able to receive some specific rewards. The rewards are available in the form of keys and diamonds.

  • Invite friends

If you are sending an invitation to friends for joining the game and they accept it, then you are able to earn a reward. The reward can be provided in the form of funds.

These are some additional ways that can help you in gathering a big amount of currency quickly. For boosting the funds, you should try to consider Choices cheats. Cheats are based on basic tips of playing the game and gathering funds.

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