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Choices Cheats and Game Review – Hack Diamonds and Keys

Choices: Stories You Play is an amazing game, which is developed by PixelBerry Studios and is available for Android and iOS gaming platforms. It is a blend of simulation and role-playing game, as you can play different stories each day. In Choices game, your actions control the outcome of each story that you play. The graphics of the game are excellent as you ­get an experience of gaming console, that too on pocket platforms.



As the game is based on the free-to-play model, lots of in-game items can be purchased with game currencies. In order to excel in the game, you need to earn good amount of in-game currencies, which are Keys and Diamonds.


Diamonds are in-game currencies that are required to purchase new books of existing stories, and can also be used to purchase in-game items. The game features plenty of costumes for every occasion. These costumes ensure that you are always well dressed for each occasion. You can purchase these costumes by using Diamonds in the game. And you can easily get Diamonds with Choices Cheats.


Each story is divided into multiple episodes. Once you are done playing an episode, you can replay the same or progress to the next episode. To progress to the next episode in the game, you can do it only if you have Keys present with you. Each episode that you play requires one Key to unlock as the later episodes of the game have a locked status.

If you want to enjoy each and every story of the game then you need to have a decent amount of Keys and Diamonds at hand. You can purchase the required amount of game currencies by buying them from the game store.

Keys are available in the packs of 5, 30, and 150 while Diamonds are available in the packs of 20, 60, 250, 550, and 1500. If you are keen on purchasing them, then go for the bigger packs in order to get maximum value for your money. Or, you can make use of Choices Hack to acquire them quickly.

Another way on acquiring Keys and Diamonds is by playing the game patiently and following the below-mentioned tips:

Acquiring Diamonds:

Diamonds can be acquiring by playing stories in the game, as some of the choices that you make in the game will reward you with Diamonds. You also get a certain amount of Diamonds on completing an episode of the game for the first time. The easiest way is to use Choices Hacks.

Earning Keys:

The game has put a capping of two free Keys to every account, which means if you have two Keys then you cannot earn Keys anymore. However, if you spend one of the Keys on unlocking new episode then the timer starts and you get a free Key on completion of the timer. So, play as many episodes as you can in order to get free Keys.

The best part about the game is that you can download and play the game for free on both the platforms. So, any gamer who has a compatible device can download and enjoy various stories of the game. Choices game also enjoys a huge user base as it is downloaded by innumerable users on various platforms. Below mentioned are some of the important features that are responsible for the ever-increasing popularity of the game, but the best one is to try our Choices Cheats:

Easy Controls:

Most of the online games feature a difficult control system, and due to this only few gamers are able to enjoy them. Whereas, Choices Cheats game features a simple control approach that will allow you to control the action by pressing the prompts on the game screen. This feature has encouraged casual gamers into playing the game.

Character Customization:

The game gives you entire liberty to modify your playable character as per your desire. You can change the facial appearance of your gaming avatar; like eyes, nose, hair, skin color, etc. in each story that you play or you can choose a predefined character by pressing the randomize button.

Complete Control:

You enjoy full control of the stories that you play in the game, as any choice that you make will alter the stories’ course. There are different types of choices that you need to make in the game, which may or may not have major implications in the game. However, one thing is certain that you will surely enjoy complete control.

Apt Costumes:

You will be presented with different scenarios in the game that will allow you to dress up. On such occasions, you can dress up your characters by choosing from the various costumes that are available at your disposal. The costumes featured in the game are available for different occasions as you can choose to wear Tuxedo during parties or wear a Suit for a romantic date.

Popular Stories:

The game features lots of different stories to choose, and at the beginning, you are given a choice of selecting from Fantasy or Romance genre. If you choose Fantasy, you will embark on an epic adventure ‘The Crown and the Flame’ where you have to reclaim your throne and avenge the death of your father. If you choose romance genre then you can play the story ‘The Freshman’ where you will play the role of a girl at Hartfield University. In ‘Most Wanted’ story, you play a role of no-nonsense Texas Marshal teamed with Hollywood detective on an adventurous mission to catch a serial killer.

Genre Classifications:

The game features different stories from different genres in order to suit your mood. In Fantasy Genre, you can play ‘Hero’, ‘The Crown and the Flame’ and ‘Endless Summer’ while in Romance you can play ‘Rules of Romance, and ‘Rules of Engagement’. There are also few titles such as ‘It Lives in the Woods’, ‘Haunting of the Braidwood Manor’ and ‘Most Wanted’, which fall under Horror and Mystery Genres. Apart from these awesome titles, new stories are added every week so that you never get bored with the same old content.

Achievements Tab:

The game features an achievements tab which allows you to view your progress in the game. In the achievements tab, you can also track different missions that can be completed in order to get rewards. The achievements that are available, serves as a milestone for all the players so that they know where they stand.

Leader Boards:

In this tab, you can view the names of the players who have played a maximum number of stories and explored most of the game. You can view the number of stories played by top players along with amount of experience points earned by them in each of the available genres. Here you will also come to know your position by comparing it with other players across the globe.

Stay Connected:

In this game, you can stay connected with your friends all the time by simply synchronizing your social networking account with the game. By syncing your social networking account, you will also be able to track the progress of your friends in the game. You can share your experiences with them or learn from their past experiences. You can also stay tuned to the newly added content and stories, which are added by clicking the notifications option of the game.

Help Option:

If you need to learn some quick gaming tips then the game has an inbuilt help option. The help option allows you to learn about the basics of playing the game, and also helps you understand other important concepts and features of Choices game. Help option contains most-widely asked questions about the game and answers to the same. The content is broadly classified into different groups to make your search easier. General Questions, Chat Stories, Account Problems, Sound and Music are some of the topics covered under help option.

All these features make Choices Hack: Stories You Play game as one of the most played choice based simulation game of all time. If you want to enjoy multiple experiences by playing a single game then you need to download and play ‘Choices: Stories You Play’ game now.


  1. this hack was so easy! I really enjoy playing choices and I’m so happy to be able to play more thanks to this hack! I get so impatient waiting for new keys and now I don’t have to!

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