Choices Cheats

Choices Cheats

Use Choices Cheats To Safely Generate Unlimited Keys and Diamonds

Choices: Stories You Play; commonly known as Choices is an entertaining and addictive game that consists of thousands of stories that you can read and play. If you enjoy reading varied kinds of stories and often get bored of playing the same game repeatedly, then you should download Choices game right away. The game offers innumerable stories on diverse genres like adventure, romance, thriller, fantasy, horror, and more. So, depending on your preferences, you can pick any story and start reading.



Moreover, if you are a good writer then you can even post your story in the game for others to play. Another vital aspect that keeps the players occupied is to make the right choice for progressing in the story. The future of your gaming character is in your hands so you need to choose carefully. Before you start playing, it is necessary to gain information on the in-game currencies as without them you cannot continue playing and reading your favorite story.

Gaming Currency Of Choices


The first few chapters of the story can be read and enjoyed for free. However, if you want to continue reading a particular story then you need to unlock them with Keys, which are the primary in-game currency. Earning Keys is easy as all you need is some time, energy, and patience. Keys can get automatically generated after a certain time period or you can earn them as rewards by completing levels and missions. You can even ask your friends to send Keys as a gift to you; but, don’t forget to repay their help. Moreover, if you do not want to waste your time and energy in acquiring Keys, then you can earn them quickly by spending Diamonds or using Choices hack.


Diamonds are special currency of Choices: Stories You Play game. You will need them for purchasing premium items such as; luxury clothing, accessories, etc. You will even require Diamonds for unlocking the most trending stories in the game. You can earn Diamonds by playing a story till the end, spending real world money, and using Choices cheats. Among these three methods that you can use for generating Diamonds, the most recommended one by gaming professionals is to use hacks and cheats as they let you generate unlimited currencies with a few clicks of the mouse.

Listed below are some vital aspects of Choices: Stories You Play game that makes it popular across the world.

Innumerable Stories To Play

The game comprises of numerous types of stories and depending on your choice, you can pick any of them. In fact, you can even read several stories in a day. Each story has a brief description, which will help you in making the right decision. There are some stories that have gained a lot of popularity and are trending because they have received amazing reviews by readers around the world. You can gain information on such stories by joining the gaming developer’s social networking sites. After reading certain stories, most of the gamers post their reviews and experiences on websites like Facebook and Twitter. Their reviews will help you to pick an interesting story for you to read and play.

Choose Wisely

Each story consists of several chapters and in each chapter you need to make a few choices. Your story will progress on the path that you choose, so basically you are responsible for your story’s fate. Hence, it is necessary to make the choices wisely as a single wrong choice will change the story completely. A few choices that you have to make in the game are picking the right attire for your party, selecting the apt guy for a date, choosing a good place to dine, and more. In short, you will have full control on the story and this aspect makes it one of the most trending games available on the Internet.

Stay Connected

Joining the gaming social networking sites is of utmost importance as it will help you to stay connected with other gamers. You should make as many friends as possible so that they can aid you in providing Keys at the time of need. Also, through social media you can get to know about new stories that have been added to the game or gain information on the addition of new chapters of existing stories. “Inside Choices” is a gaming blog that contains several details of upcoming chapters / stories and a brief summary on each story. This helps gamers to recollect the past stories that they left midway.

To conclude, Choices: Stories You Play is a game that has been appreciated by all kinds of gamers as it consists of thousands of diverse stories. You can choose a different story each day depending on your frame of mind. Moreover, if you have already started using Choices hack then you won’t have to bother about earning in-game currencies. You can simply continue reading your favorite stories by unlocking the consequent chapters and have fun!

Choices Hacks


  1. I Love the stories in choices as they are unpredictable to the end ; on the other hand they should increase the number of keys to perhaps 3-5 cause it’s really draining to wait for the keys to fill up again. Also decrease your waiting time so readers can enjoy at the same time read more of your works. I love the books and would love to have continuous reading as they are all exciting!
    Now about the hack it’s totally amazing!

  2. I love this app because with more diamonds and keys you can do so much more it’s quite frustrating when you don’t have enough diamonds to improve your current game status but with more diamonds your able to it and by having more keys your able to complete more chapters instead of wait long hours I have downloaded this game once more because I enjoy playing I previously deleted out of frustration due to not having the diamonds and keys I needed to accomplished my goals in the game. THanks for this hack

  3. I love this game. I am addicted to this awesome game. The fact that you make the choices is the best. Only two keys per time is simply not enough. The diamonds is also to little to make proper choices.
    I would love more keys and diamonds for choices

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