Choices Hack

Choices Cheats - It's Time To Hack Diamonds and Keys

Are you finding it tough to unlock chapters and special items in the game? We have a solution for your problem! If you are capable of acquiring tons of Diamonds and Keys in Choices game then you will be able to obtain all that your heart desires. That is exactly what our tool will do for you! Our Choices Hack will let you acquire loads and loads of Keys and Diamonds. With plenty of in-game currencies, you can unlock new chapters and special items in the game. Cool, isn’t it?


Are you planning to buy premium clothes and items in the game? Do you crave to read exclusive stories? If yes, then you need to earn Diamonds, which is the special currency of the game. To acquire Diamonds in the game, you need to follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Small amounts of Diamonds can be earned by reaching new levels of the game. You should not spend these Diamonds, instead keep hoarding them. When you have acquired enough amounts of Diamonds, you will be able to unlock your favorite stories.
  • You can buy Diamonds by spending real money or make use of our Choices hack to earn them instantly and in abundance.


Do you want to read new stories or are you anxious to read a new episode of the current story? If yes, then ensure that you have enough amounts of Keys. Whenever you finish playing an episode of a story, you will require Keys to proceed. To earn Keys in the game, you need to follow the below-mentioned ways:

  • Complete a level successfully in Choices: Stories You Play game and acquire Keys as rewards.
  • Make plenty of friends through social media so that they can send Keys at the time of need.
  • After playing the game for certain hours, Keys will get generated automatically.
  • You can buy Keys with real money or make use of our Choices hack to generate innumerable Keys instantly.

How To Use Our Choices Hack?

By now you know that the easiest way to generate Diamonds and Keys is by making use of Choices Hack. For that, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit our official hacking website.
  • Enter your gaming username or gaming email id.
  • Mention your gaming operating device.
  • Specify the amount of Diamonds and Keys that you require at the moment. No need to generate excess amount of currencies as you can use our tool multiple times.
  • With a single click, both currencies will be added to your gaming account.

So, whenever you need currencies, just follow the aforesaid instructions step-by-step and acquire them instantly.

Some More Advantages Of Using Choices Hack:

Our hack is a 100% secure and safe tool to use because it is free of viruses. Your gaming character will stay protected by our inbuilt proxy feature. Choices Hack works on all types of Android and iOS devices. Our tool is automatically updated every day, so that you can play your game without any interruptions. It works across the world, so start using our smart Choices Hack and enjoy the acquired amount of Keys and Diamonds in the game.