City Mania Hack

City Mania Hack

City Mania Hack – Easily And Quickly Get Cash and Coins

City Mania is a cute and fun to play online game that can be enjoyed by all age groups. In this game, you need to expand and customize your city by recruiting characters and creating beautiful buildings.



City Mania can keep you hooked to your screens forever! If you are planning to play the game or are stuck up at a difficult level then read the below mentioned vital aspects of the game:

Important Game Aspects

  • Try to build as many stunning buildings as possible in your city. This will help you in expanding your tiny and boring town to a big and bustling metropolis.
  • Ensure that you decorate your city by building renowned landmarks like the Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, etc. so that your city attracts hundreds of tourist and becomes one of the best destinations for travelers.
  • There are numerous comic and famous characters available in the game. Try to collect several characters and add them to your unit.
  • You can take help from the citizens of your city to drive a fire truck or managing a water tower. Also, you can send them on missions so that they bring back several resources for you.
  • Make sure that you treat your citizens well so that they are pleased to stay in your city. In return, they will invite their friends to live in your metropolis.
  • The easiest way to get Cash and Coins is to use City Mania Cheats.
  • As you reach new stages in the game, you will be able to merge buildings and build skyscrapers. You can also unlock several special resources to beautify your city.
  • If you are falling short of resources then visit the trade HQ. Here, you will be able to collect Cash and procure the items that are missing in your city. You can also use City Mania hack to get Cash and Coins faster.
  • To develop your city, you should select the forte carefully. It should be something that suits your gaming strategy. For instance, you can expand your collection and build specialized buildings that are related to education, commerce, entertainment, and much more.
  • You can take ideas from other gamers by visiting their city. If you like any of their strategies, then you can learn from them and use it in your game.
  • Some of the important services like fire station, police station, etc. should be built near the housing areas otherwise the citizens will abandon their houses and go away. Moreover, make sure that you build factories far away from the residential areas.
  • You can even move or demolish buildings and roads to make your city beautiful.
  • Don’t forget to procure as many rare items as possible because they are pretty hard to come by. Rare items can be collected by tapping on Bizzies, completing daily missions, or purchasing it from other players by making use of the “Buyer’s Marketplace.”
  • Keep an eye for rare items while upgrading the houses. There are chances of coming across rarities while upgrading each house.

Overall, City Mania is an absolute entertaining game and with this City Mania hack it’s even more fun. Your main motive in the game should be to grow your city by building hundreds of houses. So, keep upgrading and have a gorgeous city!

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