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Clash Of Kings is an engrossing online game wherein you will require plenty of strategies and resources to achieve success. The beginning of the game will be easy but as you progress, you will be lacking resources and currencies, which is required for building, growing, and researching. Playing the game strategically is of utmost importance otherwise you may end up ruining your castle. Before you start playing the game, read this article for gaining knowledge on some essential aspects of the Clash Of Kings game.



Vital Buildings In Clash Of Kings Game:

  • Farms: Your troops will need plenty of food and the only way to acquire them is by growing in the farms. You should spend considerable amount of in-game currency in buying farms. Also, when you need to increase quantity of food, then you should upgrade the farm so that you can produce enough food for your soldiers.
  • Hospital: Your soldiers will get wounded in the battlefield. So, you will require hospital to heal them. If you have more number of soldiers that are wounded then you should increase the capacity of the hospital by upgrading it.
  • Market: The market is serviceable only for those players who are a part of an Alliance. You can send or receive resources from other Alliance members through the market. If you want to send plenty of resources at one time then you should upgrade the market.
  • Castle: The castle is the most important building in the game. Your objective in the game is to save your castle from the attacks of opponents. You should upgrade your castle on a regular basis so that it stays strong and powerful. Unfortunately, if your castle is set on fire and your defense falls then you should rebuild it quickly by using the teleport function.

In-Game Currency – Gold:

Acquiring Clash Of Kings Gold is not an easy task. You will require plenty of Gold to buy resources and succeed in the game. Some of the ways that you could use for earning Gold in limited amounts have been listed below. However, to acquire them in huge amounts, you can either spend real money or make use of a reliable Clash Of Kings cheats.

  • Link your gaming account with the social media accounts of the developers to earn one-time freebies in form of Gold.
  • If you are not planning to play the game for some time then let the Gold mines produce Gold for you.
  • Invite your friends to play the game so that you earn in-game currency as reward.
  • When you complete your daily tasks each day, you receive limited amount of Gold.
  • If you want the easiest way of getting gold, try our Clash Of Kings Cheats

Quest Rewards:

When you complete a quest successfully, you will earn plenty of rewards. These rewards will mostly consist of various types of basic and advanced resources like wood, iron, etc. You should not collect these rewards until and unless you are in dire need of them. This is because if you collect them then there will be chances of your opponents looting the resources. So, you should collect them when its required and use them instantly.


Troops will be required for defending your castle from the enemies. Your soldiers can attack players, explore ruins, gather resources, consume food, and much more. They will make your city powerful so you should take good care of them. You should ensure that they get the required amount of food for growing and are taken to the hospital when they are wounded.

If your troop’s health is low then they will get attacked first. So, you should maintain their health properly. If the health meter reduces to nil then they will die. However, if you take them to the hospital and there is enough space for them then they will become wounded and can recover soon. Some of the types of troops in the game are Cavalry, Archers, Infantry, etc. Each of them has certain skills that you should be aware of, so that you can use them appropriately for defending your castle from attacks. Moreover, you should have a mix of troops as each of them is strong or weak against another.

To conclude, Clash Of Kings game will keep you awake 24/7. Whenever you feel the need of acquiring lots of resources and currencies quickly then you can consider using Clash Of Kings Hack.

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