Critical Ops Hack

Critical Ops Hack

Critical Ops Cheats – Quick Guide How To Get Credits

A new first-person shooter game, Critical Ops has embarked its presence on the Google Play store and iOS apple application store. Critical Ops, more commonly abbreviated C-OPS, is a creation of Critical force entertainment. It is a first-person shooter game that is an FPS game that is all based upon how and what time you take to act in a particular scenario. It’s an intense multiplayer game where you can either causing havoc as a terrorist or can play as a counter-terrorist, a member of mission counter strike operation.

It does sound like the other standard counterstrike games where you can compete with players all across the globe. Knowing the intensity of the game, I can alert you beforehand about the penetrating gameplay you are going to have here. It is a tactical game where you can put your tactics and reflexes to test.

Initially, it might be difficult for you to handle everything in the game, but practice for sure can help. Apart from that, we are also here to support you guys with our tips, tricks, and Critical Ops cheats. So, without making you wait anymore, let’s get to the features of the game first, and then in the latter part, we will touch some of the game’s tips as well.


The game features five of the game modes for the players to enjoy. These modes are:


TDM that is a team deathmatch

Rank Defuse

Gun game

Practice mode

Apart from these modes, you can play the game in two ways; first is the Quick games, and others are the custom games.

Quick games

Here you are allowed to choose the game mode, but you will be plunged in a random map that too with random players. Each team consists of a maximum of five members. Before you dive into the game here, there will be a short warm-up period when the players will require joining the team. You can play any game mode in the quick game except the practice mode. Only the quick games cover missions, milestones, and the experience points. All these challenges and credits depend upon your performance in quick matches.

The number of kills you get, the more of your missions will be completed and more experience points you will collect. However, you can always depend on the Critical Ops cheats for providing you a generous amount of credits to you in the game.

Custom games

Custom games are the games where you can enter your desired map with your choice of game mode and friends. Here you can add maximum add 16 players to a team, and not only is this, but you can also host your room either privately or publically as per your wish. Other players in the game who are not a part of your room can spectate only. When the players leave from the game, the custom rooms also exits. The all-over KD ratio of custom games depends on both Custom games, as well as the quick matches excluding the practice mode and the ranked defuse mode.


Never skip daily missions

The game provides you with a list of missions every day that you can complete. These daily tasks are a little more focus oriented but can be played normally. These tasks can be taking headshots, killing the enemies with a particular weapon, or even healing. When you complete these daily missions, you get the credits as a reward. Therefore, you should never skip them.

Adjusting your aim

Many people waste time adjusting their aim on enemies and then shooting them, but you don’t get this much time to aim; the enemy will kill you in no time. So, the tips here for shooting before you aim. It is a very effective method. All you should do is start shooting a soon you catch a sigh of any enemy, and after that, adjust your aim accordingly.

Memorize and predict

You must learn the maps if you want to win. It is because then you will be able to predict the moves of the enemies much faster. But don’t worry, this won’t happen overnight; the only thing you should do is to pay focus on the nuances of every map out there.

Knowing your weapons

There are several weapons in the game like SMG, AR that is assault rifles, snipers, SLR, pistols, etc. So you should know which weapon is used for what purpose. Also, choose the weapon that becomes your strength.


The token is the in-game currency featured by the game, Critical Ops. You can spend your tokens for purchasing the skins for your weapons. Also, to get these, you should previously have the skins. Apart from that, you can get these in an unlimited amount by opting for the Critical Ops hack.

That’s all about improving your gameplay using our tips, tricks, and above reiterated information. So, experience this ultimate intense gameplay right away.

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