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Darkness Rises Cheats – Get Unlimited Gems

Darkness Rises is getting the good response over Google play store and Apple App store. The amazing number of features along with graphics surely makes it better than most of the popular games available out there. It is widely played the game with millions of download. It is a role-playing game from NEXON Company, and it is well known for impressive gameplay.



Avid gamers may know that how good this and hard this game. You can find that it is easy to learn but progression isn’t possible until you know the method to earn currencies. It can make you stuck to lots of issues, but the single use of Darkness Rises cheats can help here. There are thousands of gamers using such methods and progressing fast. On the other hand, below given are some of effective and easy to follow tips which can help you out in many ways.

  1. Choosing Hero

There are plenty of Heroes offered by the developers in this game, and each hero has a different specification. If you want to progress well then choosing the right hero matters a lot. Otherwise you can’t be the best gamer.

The game offers you four different character to choose from, and these are, The Warrior, Wizard, Berserker and the last one is Assassin. You may know that these characters have different kind of abilities along with a different method of attacking the opponent. The character which suits your playing style matters a lot.

Unfortunately, you can’t try out all the characters, but you can unlock many lately. Using Darkness Rises hack will help you obtain more resources and getting your heroes unlocked. It is the easy to follow and reliable method which is used by thousands of gamer.

If you are willing to challenge then the best one to choose at that time are the Wizard and the Berserker. Both are quite powerful, and both will come handy to fulfill the need with ease. Low HP stats with higher speed make this two-character better and quite challenging against each other.

  1. Equipping skills

You have many skills to choose from, and the right one matters a lot here that’s why staying selective matters a lot here. There are many modes in the game, and each mode has different skills to choose from. If you are choosing a good skill, then it will help you progress faster and get rid of all the issues with ease.

PvP missions are widely popular, and you can find that there is a real player against you. Winning against a real player is easy as if you observe the method of playing. In such cases, you can use the right skill and take away the opponent way effectively than usual. It can help with your team setup that’s why it is better to try and reliable option.

You can prioritize the skills levels, and the right one will help you get rid of all the issues. It can help a beginner going from the beginner level to advanced level way effectively. The type of skills that can disable your opponent will let you take down anyone with ease. Isn’t it a better option to go for?

  1. Prioritization of upgrades

The best thing about this game is to upgrade your character which will help you boost the stats permanently. Try to find the character that you use most of the time and spend your resources to upgrade them. Make sure to spend your resources wisely to avoid getting into an issue.

The easy and most effective method is to go with Darkness Rises cheats that is well known. It will save your money that you was willing to spend on the in-app purchases. On the other hand, you can progress way faster by using such methods. Most of the gamers are using it due to such reasons.

You need essence and coins to upgrade a character properly. If you prefer the cheats mentioned above, then it will help you improve the chances of winning in various manners. In other words, you can reach next milestone level. Isn’t it an effective manner to progress faster and be the best gamer.

The conclusion

Above given are some important tips to help you with the progression and earning of resources. If you don’t want to face a single issue, then keep earning sufficient amount of resources and upgrading characters. Using Darkness Rises hack can help here, and you will be the best gamer.

Make sure that you focus on the upgrade of gears that you are going to equip. It will enhance the chances of winning by various methods. Hope, the guide will help you learn the basics of Darkness Rises and the method to progress in all stages. Make sure to choose the right character in the beginning.



  1. Like The gameplay, graphics and many more… Many playable character and many adventures that were fascinating..mann and cool.The fact that it’s free so I do not have to spend the money (which I never want to).

    1. Great game, gameplay is the best, and there isn’t a great scramble for the top all the time. Must have for your gaming library. Worth the download. Tried it just to see what it was about and have been playing since. You wont want to stop playing, lol.

  2. I really love this game beacuse it is very cool, the animation, graphic, characters, power and many other things are just really amazing..
    I can not stop palying this game all day long because the story they have is just make me curious all the time..
    keep up the good work

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