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Day R Survival Cheats – Quick Guide How To Get Caps

Have you ever played a game where your surviving stylish can change the whole game scenario?? Well, if not, then stay here and get to know about amazing a fantastic game that should try for sure when things your life. The game I am so excited to tell you about it Day R Survival. As the name of the game is over does that it is a survival game where all the players will be plunged into a common arena, and you will need to survive.
Apart from that, it is free to play a game that can be downloaded for free from the iOS and Android play stores. But here I would suggest you use the Day R Survival once cheats it will help you to level up yourself in the game a lot much faster.
Thus, if you want to get familiar with the features of this particular game, then stay tuned till the last as real not going to talk about the tips and tricks but also about the features of the game. Without making any further ado, let’s get started with the features first.


We all know that we can’t live without food and water. Also, we as humans don’t like to eat raw meat or drink contaminated water. So here keeping the things the same, you require cooking your food before you eat as it will keep you away from any disease or bacteria and also will satisfy you.
However, if you don’t do it, then it will become hard for you to survive without being infected with any disease or bacteria. To the best possible way to survive is to find the food and cook it for you on fire.
Moving onto the water, then you have to drink purified water, which you can not use any verified here but the fire for sure. You should boil water before drinking to prevent yourself from being infected.
I see many players just ignoring the fact of sleeping in the game, but let me tell you that it is crucial in the game as it is in your real life. If you won’t sleep, you will be more tired and won’t be able to do a sufficient amount of fluid for your survival. Also, you have to keep yourself away from the radiation for which you can sleep in the forest instead of staying in the city at night. These are some small things that can turn around the entire gameplay for you.
Next up, we have the currency of the game, so let’s dive deep into the currencies featured by Day R Survival.

Currencies and resources

In particular, game currencies and resources are the most crucial elements. Talking about the currency, then it has caps, whereas it features resources like gas, cement, and salt.
Let’s discuss these a little more in detail.
1. CapsThe caps are moreover like a post-apocalyptic currency featured in the game. These caps are used to buy a place to rest in the survivor camps to purchase specific objects at the shop. Particular ways are there to get your hands on the caps in the game. Have a look at the below-reiterated ways through which you can obtain caps in Day R Survival.
• Try to get your hands on the premium version of the game that offers 2500 cabs to the players initially
• Participate in the survivors’ camp quests. These can provide you caps in the range of 50 to 300.
• Watch promotional ads to get an extra 20 caps every time
• Try to collect caps from camp bandits and city forts
• Last but not least way to go for is the Day R Survival hack. The hack provides you with a sufficient amount of caps in the game to play with.

2. Resources

As I already mentioned above that the cement salt and gas are the three most essential resources in the game that should be collected necessarily. All of these three resources can be gathered easily with the help of trading. The trading is based on the barter system here. Like every camp will have a trader, they will let you exchange your pieces of stuff with theirs.
Another resource that you have to gather for your survival in the game is the Food. Never ignore trading in this game at all. Available as an alternative, you can use the Day R Survival cheats to get resources and credits in generous amounts but also keep trading in the game.

These are all the things in the game that you should keep your focus on. Just keep in mind one thing that the way you survive in the game keeps notice of even small items that will make you win in the game.

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