Design Home Cheats

Design Home Cheats

Design Home Cheats – Cash and Diamonds Generator

If you want to spend your leisure time in decorating numerous rooms then you should start playing Design Home online game right away. The game will put you in the shoes of an interior designer who has to decorate several rooms and list it for voting, wherein other gamers will judge your designs. It is not as easy as it sounds because you will be given certain challenges with specific instructions that you need to follow while decorating the rooms. So, are you ready?


Mentioned below are some important aspects of the Design Home game that you should know before you start playing:

How To Design The Rooms?

Designing the rooms is the most interesting aspect of the game. You will be provided with two types of items that can be used for decorating. Among the two, blue items are mandatory to use whereas purple colored items are optional. To make the game exciting, there are several quests that you need to complete for reaching new levels of the game. Some of the quests that you will come across are adding a specific kind of item by type or color, buying particular items for decorating the room, etc.

In the beginning of the game, you will be given certain amount of items that you can use as and when required for decorating the room. You can either use these items or purchase some more products from the game store by using in-game currencies. To complete the various quests that you get in each level of the game, you will require good amount of currency because the specified items might not be available with you. So, you need to purchase them.

The items available in the game store are quite expensive, so you should spend on them only if required otherwise you will end up spending all your money quickly. Try to purchase the lowest priced furniture that still looks good for decorating your room. Also, using the pieces of furniture that you have been given for free in the start of the game is always a wise choice. You can also use Design Home Hack to save your money.

What Are Keys?

Keys are an important feature of the game as you will need them to submit your design for voting. Also, certain amount of Keys is required for designing each home. To make the game interesting, the developers have made ‘voting’ a vital aspect. Without rating other people’s designs, you can neither earn Keys nor submit the design that you have created. Voting is the best way to acquire Keys. For every five votes that you cast, you will get three Keys. Moreover, voting will also grant you Cash and Diamonds. However the easier way is to use Design Home Cheats

Design Home In-Game Currencies – Cash And Diamonds:

You will require Cash and Diamonds in huge amount to beautify your home. Both currencies will even be required for progressing faster in each level. So, earning them in the game is of utmost importance. Also, it is necessary to spend wisely otherwise you will end up shelling out the entire currencies that you have in your gaming account. Some of the ways to earn Cash and Diamonds in Design Home game have been mentioned below:

  • When you complete a level successfully in the game, you will earn in-game currencies.
  • Voting other gamers’ designs will let you earn Cash and Diamonds.
  • Accomplish the daily challenges without fail as it will let you earn plenty of rewards in form of currencies and Keys.
  • Login daily to the game for earning bonus rewards in form of in-game currencies.
  • If it is feasible for you then you can purchase Diamonds by spending real world money.
  • Make use of Design Home Hack to acquire innumerable number of Cash and Diamonds with a few clicks of the mouse.

To conclude, Design Home game is an engrossing and challenging game that will teach you how to decorate your home in limited funds. The innumerable challenges that you face in each level will make the game all the more exciting and gripping. So, get ready for some real fun by decorating several rooms and putting them up for voting in Design Home game. Moreover, if you make use of the Design Home cheats then you will be able to easily win the challenges. Go for it!


Design Home Cheats

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  1. I enjoy playing design home on my leisure time. I’ve tried many cheat generators downloading so many apps investing hours into trying to get currency and they never work. I hope this is it!

  2. I downloaded Design Home ‘cause I am building a home and I needed ideas for my room. Design home turned to be fun but the problem was that resources were extremely limited and that made the game less enjoyable, but thanks to Design Home Cheats, now I can enjoy Design Home with unlimited resources.

  3. Design home is a great game for those who truly enjoy home and interior design. Since playing this game I have noticed more and more of furniture and accessories that are in the game are now available in stores locally which is great. The game gives me great ideas for different ways to decorate in my own home

  4. Nice i like it… Everyday i always playing this game.. Its so fun. But sometime i have enough money to buy anything there.. But anyway thank so much for design home it make my life to be colour full..

  5. I enjoy playing design home. I like to design and also mix and match the furniture. I’ve tried several cheats but they do not work. I hope with this website, i can play design home with unlimited source.

  6. I reaaaallly love this game, i came late at work because i was playing too much haha! The design look like in the real life! Im starting to think, of maybe changing my career for interior designer

  7. It’s good game, but the problem is diamonds and money I’m happy to find this website, now I can enjoy my game much more and make the designs I actually like instead of using items I have as can’t afford to get something else. I like that it looks like real instead of cartoon furniture. Definitely recommend to try it

  8. I love Design Home, the only issue is that there isn’t enough money earned. There should be special challenges more often with the chance to earn money. Or diamonds for every star earned in voting. But again, it one of my favourite games

  9. Design Home is very interesting design home game application ever. The furniture is looks real and you can also buy it for real. The brand also same as real brand. I love this game. Its make me more creative when i want to design my own home. Try it. You will never disappointed. There always have an update furniture in there. Be creative and download this game

  10. I hope this works I love this game and I need diamonds I really really really really really need the diamonds to continue designing. If this works it will be super amazing and I’ll be a happy camper this game is amazing and fun. All my friends play this game and if your not you should to!!!!!!!

  11. I love decorating the rooms and seeing the end product. I don’t care so much for being the top designer OR winning. I just want to decorate rooms. So difficult without keys money etc. I hope this app will work. Thumbs up

  12. I am so obsessed with this game right now! I absolutely love designing each room and waiting to see my rating! I have already spent a lot of money purchasing diamonds and keys… my husband says no more spending on this game! So here I am trying to get pasted that, this game is so addicting. I love helping friends and family decorate their homes, and now I get to do it virtually every day!

  13. I hope this works I love this game and I need diamonds I really really really really really need the diamonds to continue designing. If this works it will be super amazing and I’ll be a happy camper this game is amazing and fun. All my friends play this game and if your not you should to!!!!!!!

  14. I love hone design so much that i log in everyday. But it is a frustration when I’m unable to express my ideas of designing given by limited reasources a.k.a. diamonds and cash. So today i randomly look for a cheat for the game and found this website. Compared to the others it is easier to get the cash and diamonds. If the cheat works out i would definitely share this with friends and sister who are playing this game!

  15. This game fullfill my dream to be an interior decorator. User friendly and plebty of furniture choices. But due to insufficient diamond and cash, it is very hard to continue to play this game as we not enough money to buy furniture. So i need the cheat to help me.

  16. I’m new to the game and enjoy it a lot so far. Too bad i made the mistake of spending too much on my first few challenges so now I’m broke. Hoping this too works because it will be a lot of help! So many beautiful furniture to buy but so little cash and diamonds!

  17. I started playing this game in 2016 when it first came out. I loved it then, just like I do now. But… Drum roll please…… It was to damn expensive! So 2019 gets here and I figured, what the heck I’ll try it again, if it’s still to expensive I’ll just stop playing. Of course I didn’t want to stop, but I really hate the idea of having to pay to win a game that I’m pretty sure I could win if things were done a little more fairly, like the judging and going by the themes. So you guys are the best, and when I see my new dollar and diamond amounts, I will be calling you the “Great Equaliser”!! Thanks for all your hard work & keep up the great job!!! ~ Becca

  18. I read some of the comments and I decided to try design home game hack. I can spend hours playing design home but have to be careful not to use too much real money to play! It’s a great game and I think it does help you think about color schemes in decor and fashion. Also, you look at places differently, thinking about how you might design any given space!

  19. I super hope that this hack works. I could use the extra budget to create some sweet designs. Nothing else has worked so far and I’m always out of money!! Try this for a win!

  20. By far my favorite game. I’m bedridden from multiple (4) spinal surgeries. I have had every last ounce of my independence stripped from me. This game allows me to still be able to do something that I used to be great at w/o physically having to do it. Bc I play every challenge, diamonds go too fast & being disabled means funds are extremely limited to purchase more. I’ve had to skip challenges that I really wanted to play bc the requirements were a larger amount of furniture by a designer that I don’t have a lot of in my inventory & the pieces were very pricey. Also, they have started offering themed packages/items every week. Most of the time, they are a lot(!) of fun, but bc items are only 5x’s each, they run out very fast, therefore you have to keep purchasing more. Again, if you’re on a (low) fixed income, this starts to kill the fun of playing my favorite game.

  21. I’ve had 4 spinal surgeries that have left me bedridden, stripped of all of my independence. This is by far my most favorite game bc it allows me to do something that I used to be great at w/o physically having to do it. Unfortunately, being on a fixed income doesn’t allow for me to be constantly purchasing the diamonds that I need to complete certain challenges, therefore having to skip challenges that I really wanted to design.

  22. I love design home! it’s my favorite game to play and to express my interior design. This helped me get the amount of cash and diamonds I needed to fulfill my desires.

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