Design Home Hack

Design Home Hack

Design Home Hack Is The Easiest Way To Hack Cash and Diamonds

If you are an interior designer or a creative person who enjoys decorating their house then Design Home will be a perfect game for you to play. In this game, you need to furnish your home with exquisite pieces of décor and make it one of the most beautifully decorated houses. The furnishings that you want to place in your home have to be purchased with in-game currencies. Cash and Diamonds are the two main currencies of the game and you can read more about them later in the article.

You may even place two non-purchased products in your room; however, their price tag will be hanging on it. If you try to place another non-purchased item then the first item will return back to the game store. The easiest way to remove or restore an item from the game store is by tapping twice on it. There is a huge variety of furnishings and décors available in the game store. You can choose any of them depending on their material, brand, color, etc.

Gaming Currency Of Design Home


If you want to purchase a decorative item for your room, then you need to buy with Cash, which is the primary in-game currency of Design Home game. The entire game revolves around furnishing your home with various attractive stuffs, so Cash plays an important role and you need to earn it in good amounts. Some of the ways to acquire Cash is by watching advertorial videos, earn as rewards by completing certain challenges, buy them with Diamonds, and generate them in huge amounts by using Design Home cheats.


All expensive and premium items available in the game can be purchased through Diamonds. So, if you want to decorate your home with exclusive pieces of furniture then you need to acquire plenty of Diamonds. Earning them in the game is a bit difficult. You can earn them as rewards by logging to the game each day and completing tricky missions. You can take a short break from designing the rooms for a few days. In this way, you will be able to accumulate a good amount of Diamonds, which can be used later for furnishing your home. However, if you are in a hurry to obtain Diamonds then you can spend real world money to buy them from the game store or make use of Design Home hack to generate them instantly.


A vital resource in the game is Keys, which are required for participating in a design challenge. You will need 25 Keys for submitting your design in the challenge, so earning them in good numbers is vital. There are only three ways to earn Keys, among which the first one is by voting. You have to keep voting for other players and for every 5 votes that you cast, you will earn 3 Keys. Second method is to buy unlimited amount of Keys with Diamonds and the third method is to use Design Home hacking tool for generating them.

Basics For Designing Your Room

You need to follow some rules for designing your home. There will be two different colored products available for decorating; among which the blue colored items are mandatory to use and the purple colored items are optional to use. To add unique stuffs to your home, you need to complete several quests. As you progress to new stages of the game, you will come across varied varieties of home décor.

Alternatively, you can even purchase items as per your choice from the game store by spending gaming currency. Remember that the products available in the game store are quite expensive, so you should purchase them only if you are surely going to use them.

Completing Challenges In The Game

In the game menu, you will notice that there are new challenges available each day. The challenges change daily, so you will get a new mission to do every day. Usually, the challenge is about decorating a room or a space by following certain rules. So, you should read the description well and then select a challenge for yourself. Once you have chosen the challenge, you need to complete it well and then submit it for voting. If your design gets well-accepted by other players then you will get several votes, which would lead to better earnings in the game. Ensure that you advertise your design properly so that you earn many votes.

To conclude, Design Home game can keep you hooked for several hours of the day. You can showcase your interior designing skills to the entire world through this game. Your talents will help you to design one of the most beautiful rooms. However, if you are unable to earn enough currencies for fulfilling your dreams then you can consider using Design Home cheats for generating them in huge amounts. Unlimited currencies will let you grow quickly in Design Home game.

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  1. I was very fond of design home game because through this game I could devote my interest, I was very interested in designing the house and the tools in this game was also very real and very good, I really needed this currency so I could add more furniture without looking hard. I’m very grateful with these tools tools I can express my creations.

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