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Design Home Game Hack – Most effective way to generate Cash and Diamonds

Do you enjoy designing your home with new furniture and coverings? If yes, then Design Home is an apt game for you! In this game, your main objective is to decorate a room with furniture and enter your design into competition with other players. These players will rate your design and the winner of the competition will gain prestige and currencies.

The currencies can further be used to purchase fancy furniture and to enter a new challenge. You need to even vote for other designs that have been posted in the challenge. Each stage of the game has a different theme and objectives. So, you will always come across something new and unique to design in the game. This feature makes Design Home an interesting as well as addictive online game.

Design Challenges:

Every day there are new design challenges that are released. These challenges are live for 24 hours and are free of restrictions. There are four additional design challenges that are released each day. However, these require certain restrictions that you need to complete before entering.

Some design challenges will require you to use specific furniture or décor brands, colors, items, patterns, or materials in your design. To know whether you have met each requirement, you need to check the right side of the filter bar. When the check box turns green in color then it means that you have met all the requirements and can start designing.

Daily Allowance:

Every day you will get rewards in form of Diamonds and Keys. You can collect the rewards every 24 hours by opening the ‘Welcome Back’ message that appears in your inbox. This is an attractive way to make you check the game every 24 hours. The message will appear from the time you last opened your reward message. So, ensure that you check every 24 hours to receive Diamonds and Keys as rewards.


To enter each design challenge, you will require certain number of Keys. The easiest way to earn Keys is by vote.

In-Game Currencies:

Cash and Diamonds are the two in-game currencies among which Cash is the main currency and Diamond is the special currency. You can purchase décor items and furniture with these currencies. To know the amount of currencies available, you can check the top of your screen. With innumerable Diamonds, you will be allowed to purchase premium furniture.

The simplest way to earn Cash and Diamonds is by entering design challenges and by collecting daily login rewards. Another way to earn Coins and Diamonds is by spending real money. All you need to do is tap on your currency balance and you will be guided to the Premium Store where you can buy Coins and Diamonds for real money.

Star Score:

Star Scores can be checked at the top of your screen, next to the Star icon. Your total Star Scores can increase or decrease depending on the number of votes that your designs have received from the design home community.

Design Value:

The total value of all your submitted designs is called as Design Value. You can check it on your profile page. Whenever you enter a Design Challenge, your Design Value will increase by the total value of the items that you have used in that particular design. It is important to increase your Design Value as quickly as possible so that you reach new levels. When you reach new levels, you will be able to unlock several décor items to enhance your game.

Challenge Feed Categories:

The Design Challenge Feed is divided into three categories – Live Challenges, Past Challenges, and Awaiting Results. Live Challenges are open for you to enter. The Past Challenges have ended and are out of voting. The Awaiting Results include all those challenges that have ended and are presently in voting.

Designing A Room:

The Bubble icon displays where you can place décor and furniture. The Blue icons show the furniture that is mandatory. So, you need to place the items in the Blue bubbles before entering the Design Challenge. The items provided in the Purple icons are optional. So, it is up to you if you want to enter the Design Challenge with or without the items available in the Purple bubbles.

Price Tags:

When you place a non-purchased item in your room then there will be a price tag hanging on it. You can place up to two non-purchased items in a room while designing. If you place the third non-purchased item in the room, then one of the previously placed items will return back to the game store.

To remove an item from the room, tap twice on it. Alternatively, you can even tap on another item from the same category in the store to remove it. To narrow your search in the game store, you can filter the items by tapping on the filter bar. This will enable you to narrow you search in terms of brand, style, design, material, and color.

Listed Below Are Some Effective Tips To Follow For Making Your Design Home Game Successful:

  • If you want to update your account settings, then tap on the gear icon that is provided in the upper right side of your profile page.
  • Do not overspend in the beginning of the game as you will end up running out of money! Instead of buying costly stuff, check out the prices and buy the cheapest things that are available in the game store.
  • Each design challenge has a particular theme. Make sure that you know the theme before you begin designing the room otherwise you will end up designing it in the wrong manner.
  • Do not fill the room with numerous furniture and other stuffs. This will make the room look gaudy.
  • Always check the designs that earn numerous ratings! You can get several ideas from these designs, so try to apply them for your room.
  • Some challenges will require particular items. If you do not have those items then skip the design completely instead of filling it with stuff that is not required.
  • Check out the top-rated designs and get some ideas from them. Even though most of the items used in their design will be premium stuff; yet, you will surely be able to gain some good tips by looking at their designed rooms.
  • Always vote for other players. If you like a design, then vote for it! For every 5 votes that you cast, you will generally get 3 Keys. However, the rewards vary for each voting. To submit a design, you will require 25 Keys, so keep voting.
  • At the time of voting, you will be shown two designs. You need to pick any one of them and vote for it.
  • You should always select a design carefully so that the end result comes out to be amazing. If you do not like a design then don’t start with it!


Overall, Design Home is a fun and relaxing online game that requires a lot of patience and talent. Designing a room is not easy! So, let all your creative juices flow to design beautiful rooms in Design Home online game! It is one of the finest games to play during short breaks. Enjoy! You may also like to check out our IMVU hack.

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