Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats – Hack Dragon Stones

Well, if you were a dragon Ball fan, then you will definitely get enticed to the game. The particular game I am talking about is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. It is a perfect strategy game if you want to have fun playing the games along with your favorite Dragon Ball characters. In starting, it will b a little bit tricky for you to understand every element of the game because it is back to with the generous amount of features to enjoy. Honestly, it is a straightforward game, but only when you understand all of its functions correctly.

The list of tiers

The game itself doesn’t provide any in specific tier list for you to play with, but if you want to edit, then definitely you can go to the adsorption and make the tier list edited. If you are thinking of what this tier is all about, then let me tell you that it is the list that ranks the units based upon their vitality relevance and effect in the current game. In the game, you will find the number of teams out there, so definitely, there are going to be multiple tier lists for them as well. Right now, there are a total of 6 tier lists in the game that is explained below.

  • S tier list-this includes the players that perform excellently in the game and are on the top of the class.
  • A tier- it is a tier that rhymes the units based on the addition of new additions to the teams. It will help you to build a good team apart from some drawbacks it has.
  • B tier- these are mostly known as the filter units that suffer a lot in the game. You will like to use them only as an alternative till you don’t get the best units out of all.
  • D tier- when it is about the D tier, then it includes the cards that perform so underrated even when they act as fillers.
  • F tier-this particular tier includes cards that don’t have redeeming qualities, and you don’t want to use it at all.

Apart from these five tiers, there is one more tier called honorable mentions tier. This tier is kept reserved for some of the cards that are there for some specific use in the game.
So if you want to progress butter faster in the game, then you need to know about all these tiles accurately. However, if you find yourself to be lazy to do source, then you should go for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan hack. It is the only thing that can help you to dominate the game without knowing much about it.

In-game currency

Two main currencies in the game are there that you should always keep in mind to collect. These currencies are Dragon Stones and Zeni.

  1. Zeni is the primary currency in the game, which can also be considered as cash. You can focus merely on this by completing the missions, collecting the daily rewards get the game, or even winning the battles. However, when it comes to is used, then it is used basically as a fee for awakening and training sessions of the game.
  2. Dragon stones are like a premium currency featured by the game. These are used for a couple of purpose in the game reiterated below:
  • Dragon stones are used to summon premium characters Dragon balls
  • To continue the game that you lose
  • To increase the slot for the characters
  • For stamina restoration

Now particular currency such a vital role in the game is quite valuable and hard to acquire in the game. For example, in reward, you get only a single sometimes a bunch of them. Apart from that, you can also earn these by completing the chapters of the maps and unlocking the new ones. You also get Dragon stones when you complete some missions. If you don’t want to like your brains into all this stuff, then there is an option to purchase it was pending real-life currency in the game as well. But this option might not be suitable for everyone out there to go for. Therefore for such people, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan cheats are the alternative that provides you a generous amount of Dragon stones in the game. Make sure not to waste them and collect them multi Summon. Where you can remind assured that you will get more than ten real characters and an SR character.

So, this is all about the game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan; you should necessarily know about it. So if you are a real fan of dragon balls, then give this game a shot, and you will love it for sure.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack

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