Dragon Ball Legends Hack

Dragon Ball Legends Hack and Review: Build An Ultimate Team

If you are searching for an online game that is filled with unique challenges and missions then your search ends here! Dragon Ball Legends is an engrossing game that will throw plenty of challenges at you in its story mode as well as various events. Your main motive in the game is to win as many battles as you can and reach new levels of the game. So, get ready for spending your free time in the battlefield! Mentioned below is vital information on important aspects of the Dragon Ball Legends game:




Zeni is the main currency of Dragon Ball Legends game, which is required for boosting your gaming avatar, upgrading gear, enhancing skills, and much more. You can earn Zeni by completing various stories or events, participating in battles, etc. Basically, you will be grinding in the game for earning in-game currencies. However, to acquire plenty of Zeni quickly, you should utilize hacking tools such as the Dragon Ball Legends hack. The hack will ensure that you generate unlimited number of Zeni within a few seconds.


Souls are another type of in-game currency that will be required for upgrading resources, increasing stats of your gaming characters, and purchasing premium items. When your gaming avatar completes missions, you will earn Souls and XP. Also, when you reach a new level of the game, you will get Souls as a reward. However, players are unable to earn huge amounts of Souls in the game so they use Dragon Ball Legends cheats or spend real dollars to purchase Souls from the game store. You can use any of these two methods to procure infinite number of Souls. There are various kinds of Souls in the game; Super Souls, red, yellow, blue colored Souls, and more.

Completing Missions:

You should try to complete all missions and events that have been presented to you during the story chapters. To earn the maximum amount of rewards, you need to finish at least seven missions that have been given. With each mission that you complete successfully, you will earn 3 Chrono Crystals and some rare medals. Another way to earn Chrono Crystal is by logging into the game each day. However, you will need one thousand Chrono Crystals to do 10 pulls at a Summon so it will take very long for you to earn considerably amount of Chrono Crystals. By the end of Story missions, you will even earn good amounts of XP too.

Types Of Gaming Characters:

Each character in the game is linked with a class type and rarity type. The four different class types are Melee, Defense, Ranges, and Support. There are three Rarity levels; Extreme, Hero, and Sparking; among which, Sparking is the most powerful and rarest of all and Hero tier is the lowest type of character. Moreover, there are even different Elements of each character and whenever you select a character for battle; you need to check its element, class type and rarity type. Then, you should send your army force for war.

Overall, this game requires plenty of patience and time as you need to keep playing in order to win various battles, unless you use Dragon Ball Legends Hack. In the beginning, you may lose some of the gaming modes, but don’t lose hope! Train your characters well by locking them in the training room for three hours. Eventually, you will learn how to play the game strategically and will start winning the battles.

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