Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats – Get Unlimited Dragon Stones

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack is really important for such an adventurous puzzle-based online game, which has been created by Bandai Namco. In each battle you can use up to 6 characters at a time. There are numerous characters available in the game and all of them have different set of skills. So, you need to research on each of them and then create your team.



The game is extremely engrossing and the curiosity to procure rare resources will keep you hooked to the screens. So, without wasting time, start playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle right away! However, ensure that you read the below-mentioned features of the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack and game carefully as they will help you to achieve success:

Game Currency

Zeni is the in-game currency that can be earned through innumerable ways like the Hercule and FP summons. To increase stats of a particular character and to unlock its potential, you need to spend Awakening items, medals and Zeni. Some events are super easy to finish as you just need to complete the stages. Keep a watch on them as they give Zeni and Awakening items. An easy way to earn lots of Zenis is through the Hercule Event. This event will give you about 200k to 230k Zenis but there are plenty of Stop enemies. Moreover, it’s a very long map that requires 15 stamina in Z-Hard mode. The rest of the modes are completely useless. You can earn 5.5k Zenis for each enemy killed, 16.5k Zenis for stopping a battle, 30k Zenis on boss, and much more.

Dbz Dokkan Battle Hack reviews :

Dragon Stones – get them by playing or using Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack

Dragon Stones are the most important resources in the game. You should save them up so that you can multi-summon premium characters. Make use of Stamina whenever you participate in a quest or a mission. The maximum Stamina is increased when you rank up. Also, you can spend a Dragon Stone to restore your Stamina instantly. As soon as you finish collecting all 7 Dragon Balls, you will be able to select a wish. Make sure that you click on receiving Dragon Stones as they are very helpful. Login to the game daily so that you can earn rewards; like, you can earn Dragon Stones for free. If you are too lazy to collect them wasting your time, you can simply use our Draon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack


If you are struggling to kill the boss then it means that your team is very weak and you should spend some time training and leveling up your team force. The training option in the game will enable you to select training partners. Ensure that you select the partner with the same color as the trainer because it will give you bonus Experience Points. Before fighting with powerful enemies, know the strengths and weaknesses of different colors or types of characters. Some of the training locations that you will come across in the game are Wasteland, Korin’s Tower, Snake Way, King Kai’s Planet, Gravity Chamber, Supreme Kai’s Planet, etc.

The Training items that you can collect in the game are Turtle Rock, Turtle Shell, Sacred Water, Weighted Clothing, Weighted Boots, Z-Sword, Training Robot, and some more. The three ways to train your team is by using the ‘N’ Awakened method, using multiple ‘N’ with stage bonus, and by using ‘SR’ bonus. Among these three methods, the finest way to train is by using ‘SR’ bonus. During events, when you drop many ‘SR’ characters, try to acquire some too. To make this method work, you will have to train the ‘SR’ that you don’t want to keep and train your main character of the game to acquire many ‘SR’ during events. Another easy way to train your team is to farm event final quest on Z-Hard mode.

Positioning Your Characters

To position your game characters well is extremely important in the game. The biggest part of the game is Link Skills like the Godly Power, Demon Duo, Deficit Boost, Fierce Battle, Galactic Warriors, Destroyer of the Universe, and more. So, to make these characters work together and activate the link skills is essential to win battles in the game of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. Another reason for positioning them well is to have a character that can defend on the turn you want. For instance, if you have two or more characters that have the capability to defend, then you can be sure of using a defending character on each turn. Once you enter a stage, you cannot manipulate the order of allied characters. However, there is no randomness involved in the order that the allied characters appear in battlefield.

Keep an eye on the battle screen for positioning the characters. Every time you enter a stage, the character dial is randomly generated at the bottom right of the battle screen. As you enter the battlefield, the first three characters beginning from the 1 o’clock position of the dial will begin the battle. If you do not reposition the characters during the battle, then they will appear in a sequence. So, position the game characters well and see them winning the battles! However, during some boss fights, you may not be able to rearrange your game characters. This is because some of them hit hard from the first turn itself.

Ki Spheres

To get more Ki Spheres, switch the position of your characters. It will also enable you to deal more damage. Once the attacking character’s Ki Meter is full, you can instinctively trigger a Super Attack.

World Tournament

The only way to access the World Tournament page is when the World Tournament icon appears in color. During an event period, you can participate in the World Tournament page. The tournament consists of four rounds – Preliminary, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Final. In each of these rounds you will be able to acquire one World Tournament Point. You need to do a lot of planning for completing the tournament by scoring most points. Once you win the tournament and earn lots of points, you will become a Champion. Moreover, you can even get ranked on the basis of the total Points that you have earned and can win rewards. The team participating in the World Tournament can be selected in events and quests. You need to keep an eye on the team’s HP as after each round you will proceed to the next one without recovering the team HP.

You can enter the World Tournament innumerable number of times during the event. So, keep playing and try to acquire all Tournament Points. Your total World Tournament Points will represent the overall performance of the entire team during the event. For instance, if you retire or quit a battle then you will earn only half of the Tournament points. Moreover, your rankings are based on the total points you have earned and these will decide the rewards that you will obtain. As you keep accumulating points in the tournament, your tiers will improve. The higher the tier you reach, the better the rewards you will receive. The numerous tiers are divided into four Leagues – League A, League B, League G and League S.

The five situations when the Tournament sessions will end are:

  1. When a team wins the final battle.
  2. A team retires during the tournament.
  3. Any team selects quit during the battle.
  4. The HP is over for a team.
  5. A team is unable to progress to the next round of tournament.

How To Battle In The World Tournament

The battles adopt the 7 vs. 7 rules. Similar to other battles, you can select your target, use numerous items, launch the Special Attacks and activate the Dokkan mode. You can obtain Tournament Points by collecting Ki Spheres, defeating the opponent by dropping their HP to zero, and defeating the opponent’s team. Extra points can be acquired by defeating the enemy with a Super Attack and by using Ki Spheres that match with your character’s type. Some rewards that you can earn in the tournament are ranking rewards, mission rewards, local ranking rewards, etc. We want to remind you that using dbz dokkan battle hack will make everything much easier including world tournaments.

Important Aspects Of The Game

For building strong teams, try to add multiple members with varied skills. While completing quests or participating in an event, bring few healing items so that you can use them in time of need. Avoid keeping same numbers on your move roulette as it will help in keeping varied options. Lower numbers like 1 and 2 will enable you to land on item tiles. In the World Tournament, you cannot enjoy the benefits granted by your friends in Events or Quests. The Win Streak Bonus will allow you to receive extra Tournament Points as soon as the consecutive wins are acquired. This bonus will be added to your regular Win Bonus Points.

So, your Victory Points will be calculated by adding both these bonuses. After you dokken Nappa and Vegeta, the background of the game will change to a destroyed city. The first Buu has a pose that looks like a precursor to second Buu’s pose. Bosses that can dodge attacks can perform the same feature even after being stunned during a turn. If you notice dark clouds on a particular level that is covering something in a quest level, then play that quest on Z-Hard, so that you can encounter a Secret Boss.

Support Items That You Should Acquire

  • Recovery Drink: You can recover 2500 HP with this capsule. The easiest way to get it is when random enemies drop them in the battle. Another way to earn them is by completing particular quests and events. Similarly, the Ultimate Recovery Drink will let you recover 15,000 HP.
  • Senzu Bean: With this capsule, you can recover all HP and remove all allies’ status effects. You will be able to find this capsule at the ‘Hope! Fight Against Despair’ event.
  • Korin’s Herb Blend: It is a support capsule that can let you restore all allies’ status. You can find it as a random support capsule, a random enemy drops it in the battlefield, or by completing a particular event and quest.
  • Dende: Similar to Senzu Bean, this capsule will let you recover all HP and remove all allies’ status effects. You will be able to find it at the ‘Hope! Fight Against Despair’ event and ‘Training In the Clouds’ event.
  • Oolong (AGL): This particular capsule can change all TEQ Ki Spheres to AGL Ki Spheres. The capsule can be found in certain quests and events. A random enemy can also drop it in the battlefield.
  • Puar (INT): Similar to Oolong, Puar is found by random drops by enemy and in certain events and quests. The Puar capsule can change all PHY Ki Spheres to INT Ki Spheres.
  • Shu: The Shu is a random support capsule that can be dropped by a random enemy or found in particular events and quests. Its effect is Ki+1 for attacking characters.
  • All these items can be easily acquired by using Dragon Ball Z dokkan battle cheats 2020.


So, if you are a fan of the franchise, then you should give Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle a shot!  It is an interesting game and I would rate it as 5 on 5 stars. And to make it even more awesome I suggest you to try our awesome Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack 2020!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack



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