Dragon City Hack

Dragon City Mobile Cheats – The Easiest Way To Hack Gold and Gems

Dragon City Mobile Cheats – The Easiest Way To Hack Gold and Gems

Dragon City Hack

Are you interested in playing an online game where you can nurture different varieties of dragons? If yes, then you should consider playing the world-famous Dragon City game. It is an entertaining game that can keep you hooked to your screens for several hours at a stretch. The game revolves around growing various kinds of dragons and earning resources as well as in-game currencies. Gold and Gems are the two main currencies of Dragon City game. To succeed and reach new levels quickly, you will require ample amount of currencies. So, let’s find out how to earn and spend these currencies, breed your dragons, as well as gain information on the various resources available in the game.

In-game Currencies Of Dragon City


If you want to purchase new buildings and Dragon eggs, then you will require plenty of Gold. It is the primary currency of the game that is even needed for upgrading the existing buildings. To earn Gold in Dragon City, you have to collect it from the Dragon habitats, earn them as rewards for completing several achievements, watch advertorial videos, or use Dragon City Hacks to generate them instantly. You can consider using Dragon City Mobile hack, which will help you to acquire unlimited amount of Gold within few minutes.


As Gems is the special currency of Dragon City, you can make use of it for purchasing some exceptional items like expensive buildings and dragons. It is hard to earn Gems in the game as few amounts can be obtained by reaching new stages or completing tricky missions. Gems can also be purchased from the in-game store by spending real cash. Alternatively, you can use Dragon City cheats for generating infinite quantities of Gems.

Vital Aspects Of Dragon City Game


Your dragons will not survive without food, so ensure that you provide good amount of food to them. Food will help the dragons to grow and let you progress to the next level quickly. The easiest way to gather loads of food in the game is by growing it in your farms. Depending on your preferences, you can either become a gardener, grower, or backyard gardener. However, ensure that the food you grow is enough for your dragons.


Similar to Gems, various resources in Dragon City can either be collected by grinding or purchasing from the game store. On several occasions, the gaming developers offer attractive discounts on buying them. So, if you have not yet started using Dragon City Cheats and are a regular buyer of virtual currencies then you should keep an eye on such deals.

One-Time Rewards

There are a couple of ways to earn one-time rewards in the game. For instance; when you login to the game’s social networking account, you will earn one-time bonus of 10 Gems. Moreover, if you invite your friends to join the gaming account and they accept your request then you will again receive freebies.

Dragons And Their Elements

There are about 1000 dragons available in the game for you to select and breed. Some of the dragons have to be purchased while others can be unlocked as you progress in the game. In the beginning of the game, you will be able to purchase basic dragons, and as you reach higher levels, you can buy powerful ones. However, you can even breed the basic dragons and get powerful ones.

There are varied groups of dragons that are available; like Seeker, Wanderer, Mystical, Explorer, and more. These groups consist of dragons with different capabilities and sizes. Furthermore, each dragon is classified into diverse elements like sea, chaos, legend, metal, and more. Overall, there are 18 elements and their respective habitats available in the game. If you want to acquire dragons of different elements, then you need to first procure a habitat of that particular element.

To conclude, Dragon City mobile game is an entertaining dragon breeding simulation game. Although the game is free to download and play, yet most of the gamers spend real cash in purchasing in-app items. If you do not find it feasible to spend your hard-earned money on buying virtual currencies then you can turn off the in-app purchases feature in settings, and as a substitute consider using our tool for generating Gold and Gems instantly.




Dragon City Hacks


  1. I love the game except that I have way to many random chests I can’t open. The game is addicting and I love the events more than anything! getting 10000 gems a day is amazing thank you guys!!

  2. I absolutely love Dragons and to be playing Dragon City it’s still like i’m playing games with my son who passed away in December 2009. We both loved Dragons and i’m addicted to Dragon City. I love how you can breed and create your own Dragon.. I live on a limted income so I can’t buy the gems and food or Dragons they have on sale. I love upping my Dragons and fighting other Dragons. It’s a very awesome Dragon game and i’m totally addicted to Dragon City. I wanted to find a true generator that really works instead of giving you a big hassle. Amazing

  3. I love deagons and I like playing Dragon City it’s like and I also love how you can breed your own dragon… I don’t have enough money to buy some gems or dragons or foods they have on sale.It’s a very awesome dragon game.The game is addicting and I love the events and fighting some dragons

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