Dragon City Hack - Finally Getting Unlimited Gems is Easy

Among this social media active world, the games are also getting social and making people connect in various ways. Dragon city is also another game that allows you to create your social network with people all across the globe. The game was first launched to be only played on the social media platform Facebook, but later on, it became available to download on the iOS platform as well.  In August 2014 it became available for the Android downloads.

Talking about the gameplay then it is not very complicated, but still, some elements in the game can make you stuck. Therefore, it is better to make the use of Dragon city hack so that you can enjoy the game to the most without caring about the credits. In the game, you are allowed to raise your dragons. Not only is this but you'll also have to build dragon city on the floating islands. Now that we are done discussing the information about the game, let's get into its significant features.


In the game, breeding is the essential part where you can mate two of the dragons you have to create one with different skills. If you are thinking about the importance, then let me tell you something. Breeding not only helps you acquire more skilled dragons for combat but also it increases the production of gold. Also, breeding raises your experience points in the game as well. Specific essential structures for the breeding of dragons are:

  • Breeding sanctuary
  • Ultra Breeding Tree
  • Hatchery,
  • Breeding Mountain
  • Deus Breeding nest
  • Deus Vault
  • Breeding dome
  • Combat

The dragon city is a game where the players are allowed to make their dragons fight with each other. It is referred to as combat. For that, you will need building the coliseum where you can place a fight between your dragons. These combats provide you gem rewards. You can use these reward to purchase items from the shop, speeding up the process of breeding and hatching. Rest, to get more gems, you can go for an easy peasy approach that is the Dragon City cheats.



In the combat fights, the damage is one of the essential things needed to be considered. The results of the damage can be:

  • Strong attacks: Gives double damage that is 200% damage
  • Average: Normal loss of 100%
  • Weak attacks: 50% damage to the enemies
  • No Damage: Undeniable no damage


Currencies and credits

There are certain credits in the game that are essential to collect. These elements are

  • Gold
  • Food for dragons
  • Gems
  • EXP
  • Number of Dragons

All of these currencies can be obtained by participating in contests, quests, farmhouses, etc. Among all one of the essential credits that you should have good hands-on is Gem. But the problem is that it can be only acquired by spending real-life currencies in the game.

 However, it is not always possible for all the people to spend their real money over these. Therefore, it is better to utilize the Dragon City hack to get back to track and progress in the game by grabbing a good number of gems through it.