Family Zoo The Story Cheats

Family Zoo the Story Cheats

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Family Zoo the Story Cheats – Learn How To Get Coins

Family Zoo- the Story is entirely a fun quest game that is published by Plarium LLC. Feel the experience of building your own zoo. The game consists of various exciting levels that you can enjoy playing with the cute zoo animals as well as with your friends. In the game, you need to match three or more than three same fruit items, and to continue this will help you to clear the levels. Here as you’ll complete the levels, you can unlock various zoo items and also renovate your family zoo. But to purchase the decorations, you will need coins.  To have access to an unlimited number of coins, you can use the Family Zoo The Story cheats and then develop your business there with the attractions to attract the visitor. So those, the zoo animals can live comfortable and happy lives. Not only for the animal‘s comfort, but you also need to build the zoo for the visitors who come to visit your zoo.

     Coins and Tickets

Coins and tickets are two main central funds in the game using which one can unlock various Boosters. The coins can be used for purchasing many different items in the game by which you can restore the zoo. To earn an unlimited no. of coins and live, one can use Family Zoo The Story hack and enjoy building your own zoo.

     Power-ups and boosters

The family zoo is a tricky game where you might require an extra helping hand. For that purpose, there are power-ups and boosters in the game that one can use in order to surpass a tough level. But one needs to keep in mind a point that these power-ups and the boosters are not compulsory for any level. If you don’t want to use the powers, you can simply skip them and solve the level own your own. But in case, when you became struck at some level, then there is nothing bad in using them.


Here, I have recapitulated all the power-ups and how they can be made:

  • Explosive Grapefruit (smallest bomb in the game)

To create this bomb, you need to match 4 fruits together.

  • Mango Boom (by aggregating 5 fruits in a row or column)
  • Watermelon splash (6 fruits all together)
  • Big Barrel (by matching 7 or more fruits)

It is the massive bomb in the game that explodes all the fruits coming in its huge range.


Moving on to the boosters, the boosters are the same as the power-ups, but the only difference is that the boosters are used before the game starts or you can say starting the game with an advantage.

Now, that we are talking about the boosters, then there are a total of 3 boosters named rocket, rake, and crazy orange.

  • Rake is a booster that is unlocked on the 5th level of the game. The special thing about this booster is that you can use it anytime in between the level not necessarily to use before the level start.
  • After completing 11 levels in the game, the rockets will be unlocked. It allows you to start the particular level with 2 of them what it will do is that it will destroy all the fruits that are present in the same direction horizontally and vertically.
  • Crazy orange is unlocked after you have successfully cleared all 15 levels of the game. When you match this booster with any fruit, all the number of that fruit will vanish.

     How power-ups and boosters can be earned?

The power-ups and some boosters can be earned by matching 4 fruit items together in a level. But some other boosters can be accessed by purchasing them with coins. You can have as many you want to buy spending your coins. To make unlimited coin, using Family Zoo The Story hack will be the most preferred way.

  • The last tip is to keep an eye on the grid and try to create the power-ups whenever possible this will help in clearing the levels faster.
  • Moreover, once the boosters get unlocked, try to purchase them with your coins. But if you want to get away with the tension of the coins being blank then you should definitely try using the Family Zoo the Story cheats once to get a huge number of coins and lives.

Now that you know all about the important features of the game hurry up and save your zoo along with your friends.


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