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Fishdom Cheats – Quick Guide How To Get Diamonds

Fishdom is a match-three puzzle video game developed and published by the Playrix Entertainment for both iOS and Android platforms now. This particular fish puzzle matching game gained so much popularity with every passing day. Talking specifically about the numbers than in 2017, it almost reached 52 million downloads.

The game here allows you to engage in fun challenges and various match-3 puzzles. Well, if you are thinking that it is going to be a sweet, simple game, then let me tell you that you are not right here. The game consists of so many tangy twists as you will progress. So you can actually create homes for your fishes, decorate them, feed your fishes, and interact with them, and much more. But to enjoy that you will need diving in the atmosphere of Fishdom.

Before taking you to the journey where you can collect a bundle of information about the game, Fishdom, I would like to aware you of something. You need to be quick and smart with the collection and management of the currency as, without that, you won’t be able to progress. So, to dominate the entire game, you can either work hard or can make the use of Fishdom cheats, it all depends on you.

So, it’s already has been a long time blabbering here; let’s begin with the features of the game.


The basic gameplay of the game revolves around the puzzle part where you require completing the levels by making combinations of three or more similar colored pieces. So while making the matches and completing the levels, you will get gold coins in reward. These gold coins can be utilized in purchasing new fishes and interiors of aquariums and much more.

In-app purchases

The game does have in-app purchases for buying diamonds. Now here, most of the people are going to use the Fishdom hack to get the diamonds rather than opting for genuine ways. So, here, let me take you to the currencies and genuine ways to earn them.

There are two main currencies featured by Fishdom, and that are coins and gems. Both currencies own a significant role and importance in the game. Therefore, it becomes even more necessary for the players to keep a focus on the fund collection as well. These can help you to play the game in a better way.

  1. Coins

Coins in the game are utilized on purchasing the fishes and decorative pieces of stuff for the aquariums. You can collect in different ways in the game. So, have a look at the ways that you can adopt to get coins in Fishdom.

  • Cleaning the fish tanks daily to grab coins in reward
  • Complete as many puzzle levels as you can to get the maximum number of coins.
  • Feeding the fishes and keeping them happy also rewards you with a few coins
  1. Diamonds

Diamonds are beneficial in the game as they help you perform several activities. Using diamonds, you can increase moves in the levels and even refill your lives. Not only is this, but these are also used to purchase the boosters in the levels. Talking about the ways to earn diamonds apart from getting these through Fishdom hack then have a sight at below reiterated means.

  • You can purchase diamonds from the store by spending real money. So, if you are willing to pay real-life currency in the game, then it is probably the best way to have the desired number of diamonds.
  • Feed your fishes regularly and keep the environment of their tanks clean. You can also invite your friends to help you out with this. This way, your friends also can earn some diamonds.
  • Try to earn as many stars you can as these will help you get few diamonds in the game as well.

Apart from these ways, some common ways to earn both coins and gems are also there. To know about them, stay tuned to the successive paragraphs.

  • The most vital thing you can do to earn currencies in the game is to connect your game with Facebook. It provides you free coins and gems as well. So, you should do this if you are new.
  • The game features several events and competitions in which you can participate and earn currencies in the game. You can also collect funds by completing various tasks here.
  • Next up source is the missions. The missions are available in the game, which, if you complete, then you can get access to the diamonds and coins in rewards. Therefore you should try to complete as many missions and challenges you can.

So, that’s all for the genuine ways through which you can collect funds in the game. SO, are you ready to Fishdom and become a part of this family? Well,  the fishdomness awaits you.

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