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Football Strike is a brand new game that is more of a like a soccer game. So, the football freaks out there need to try this game out. The particular game is a player VS player game that allows you to compete with several other players all across the globe. It’s a multiplayer game, which means that you can play it with your friends as well. Here the main focus of the game will be more on the goalkeeping and the shooting part.

The game here features stunning graphics and open, impressive elements as well. Not only is this, but it also includes many modes. The game is available free to play, but let me tell you one thing very clearly that there are individual in-app purchases as well. So here the Football Strike hack can help you to prevent those in-app purchases by providing a generous amount of currencies on its own instantly.


Football strike is a goal kicking game that you can try playing on your IOS and Android. Here the game pits you in the ground against several other active players. Your goal is to take the ball right into the target net. However, to score more points, try to aim your ball to strike right into the middle of the net. So it is the basic mechanics that you need to follow just like any other football game.
Now for the best part, without doing any further ado, let’s delve into the features of the game and get more familiar with it.


In the game, there are a total of two major modes that you can play. These two significant modes are shooting race and free kicks. Let’s have a glance at both of them in brief below.

  • Free kicks

The free kick mod is quite a simpler one out of both modes. It is because here you will be playing the role of goals creeper, and the striker turns by turn and open it will get the same activities to perform. Talking about the grounds, then there will be a total of 5 rounds in this particular mode. In last the winner will only be the one who scored the maximum points. Quite simple, right? Let’s move on to the next know that is the shooting race mod.

  • Shooting race mod

In this particular mode of the game, you are required to hit a specific target appearing in the goal post. Hair here at each target you will hit; you will get a certain number of points. These points will take you towards success for sure in the game.

Rest, you can also dominate the game by going for the football strike cheats that provide you with a generous amount of funds to play with. Now that we are on the topic of currencies, then why not discuss the currencies featured by this game.

In-game currencies

In the football strike game, the currencies play a vital role throughout the gameplay that affects the progress of a player for sure. There are three significant points that you need to collect to progress faster. These funds are coins, cash, and exclusive pieces of sports stuff. When you resource other objects, you earn these currencies; however, the football strike hack tool is also a good way of getting your hands on the credits quickly.

However, if you are looking for some other ways to on these currencies, then let me tell you some of those. Have a look at the below-reiterated ways to grab these funds.

  • Make sure to log in to the game after a few hours every day

It is because, in the particular game venue login into your gaming account of every couple of hours, you get some exclusive and new offers that can be beneficial for your progress in the game. You can collect the rewards buffing on the watch button football strike.

  • Spinning wheel

The game you also get the chance to spin the wheel. It can be a significant advantage for you here if you get some exclusive stuff but just feeling the wheel couple of times. You can, for sure, try your luck to see if it works in your favor. Spinning the wheel is free, but some exclusive spin requires paying the cash. If you don’t want to spend money to get the turns, then first collect the cash using the football strike hack and then spin the wheel. Also, you can use the exclusive stuff and currencies to upgrade the equipment and the abilities of a character.
Thereby winning the matches would not be that difficult for you unless it’s a very pro team against you.
With this, the sources to earn a good amount of currencies in the game and make fast progress ends. So, you can try this game out for a realistic experience of the soccer games.

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