Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Cheats

Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow

Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Cheats – Learn How To Get Nixonbucks and Pizza

The year 3000 has come, and Phillip J. Fry is in Futurama figuring out the ways to survive in the New York Streets. Do I sound like some alien to you guys? Well, I can understand. I’m talking about the recently launched game Futurama worlds of tomorrow by TinyCo. The game is now accessible for all the android as well as the iOS users. Here on the journey of Futurama, you can go on space missions, explore new planets while fighting the strange aliens. Not only is this, but you can build your own New York in your way as you want it to be.

Apart from that, choose from the list of characters from a particular series like Fry, Bender, etc. Though it is a fun game and could be an amusement source for you, the case is not the same when you are continually facing issues to figure out how things work in this particular game. So, here we are to familiarize you with the primary game elements and some of its tips and tricks. But before starting with the features, I’ll advise you to utilize the Futurama worlds of tomorrow cheats in advance, Doing so will prevent you from facing issues due to credits in the game.

Now, without wasting more of your time, putting a full stop to my blabbering, let’s begin with the elements of the game.


Initially, in the game, you will only have one character, Fry. It means that you have to start your journey with Fry first, and then to progress in the game little by little, you can unlock other characters as well. After that, you can send these characters to missions.

Here is the list of characters available in Futurama worlds of tomorrow:

  • Amy
  • Delivery boys
  • Bender
  • George Takei
  • Scruffy (scientists)
  • Influencers
  • Robots
  • Kif
  • Phillips J. Fry and Professor Farnsworth


Now moving on to the premises, then the game is having a certain number of buildings that require specific characters only. One of the most famous buildings among all is the city tower. It requires scruffy as a character to perform all the actions. The rent you will get from this tower is 35 Exp. and 50 Nixonbucks, an in-game currency.


Now currencies are the most crucial elements of this game.  Futurama Worlds of tomorrow feature a total of six specific currencies that the players can collect throughout the gameplay. These currencies are Nixonbucks, Hypnotons, Fuel, Events, Pizza, and Experience. Without these currencies, you neither can play the game properly nor enjoy it. So, the Futurama worlds of tomorrow hack can help you out if you get stuck in the game due to the lack of currencies. Now let’s have a look at the brief discussion of these currencies.

  1. Nixonbucks

Nixonbucks are the prime currency in the game, which can be used to purchase decorations and buildings. Apart from it, these can also be used to level up your characters to make them even stronger. You can earn Nixonbucks from character actions, collecting the rent from the buildings, in exchange for pizza or real money e and by accomplishing the space missions.

  1. Hypnotons

This particular currency is required for land clearing purposes. Using it, you can clear unique buildings having the main characters like Leela and Hermes. Not only is this, but you can also remove the blocks of land quickly by making the use of Hypnotons.

  1. Pizza

Pizza is featured as a premium currency in the game Futurama worlds of tomorrow. There are only some methods earn it in the game, and that is:

  • Through special in-game rewards
  • Special offers
  • Watching advertisements and
  • Last but not least, through real-life currency

However, if you don’t find spending money worthy of purchasing the pizza, then you can get it through the Futurama worlds of tomorrow’s cheats.

  1. Fuel

Fuel is considered as the secondary currency of the game that is used by planet express spaceship to refuel the ship during the space missions.

  1. Experience

The experience is mainly is essential for leveling up yourself to the new level. You can earn it easily by completing this space missions, actions, and from buildings as rent.

  1. Events

Coming to the events, then let me tell you that the game also organizes special events often. You can participate in the special events and on secondary currencies.

It was all about the currencies that the game, Futurama worlds of tomorrow, has. However, there are times when a player wants to focus on the gameplay rather than collecting currencies. So with the help of Futurama worlds of tomorrow hack, you can easily overcome that part as well. So, all the Futurama fans out there get ready to enjoy and explore the Futurama Journey.

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