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Game of Sultans is a town-building strategy game, which will let you step into the shoes of a Sultan who is residing in a Middle Eastern Kingdom. In the game, you need to take all decisions that are vital for the growth and prosperity of your kingdom, which includes; choosing allies, enemies, military strategy, taxation, political reforms, etc. The game is very interesting as it offers much more than strategic gaming experience to the gamers. Mentioned below are the lists of features that are responsible for the growing popularity of the game.




This feature highlights the fact that ‘Game of Sultans’ beats other strategy games as they are just focused on town-building and warfare elements. However, Kingship is beyond these things as growth and prosperity of your townsmen is your first priority. You can either choose to ignore the wellbeing of your people and be a tyrant or you can opt to be a benevolent king; the choice is entirely yours!


Every decision that you make will have a deep impact on your subjects and your entire Kingdom, so great diligence must be followed before taking important decisions. To avoid any mishap, you can seek guidance from your trusted viziers. The game features lots of different viziers that can be unlocked, and each of the viziers possesses unique qualities.

For instance; some viziers are good for war councils, some are better statesmen, while others are good economists, and so on. Hence, it is important to understand the nature of the problem before seeking council from the vizier. Otherwise, you may get unfavorable reply if you discuss your battle strategy with a vizier who has little or no experience in these matters.

Imperial Parliament

It is an important building in the game where you have to pay attention to all kinds of disputes and provide a solution to the problems. You can listen to the council of your learned viziers or choose to give a decision on your own. You can also control the level of taxation from this very building. However, care should be taken while choosing the right amount of tax as more tax will lead to unhappy citizens while less tax will result in empty treasury.


No kingdom is self-sufficient on their own as everyone needs help from others in order to prosper. The game has an alliance feature, which allows the like-minded players to join hands and cooperate with each other in times of need. If you don’t wish to join an existing alliance then you can create a new one and invite other players to join it. Members of one alliance can help each other anytime they want and can also strengthen their trade relations by sharing their resources.

The resource management is the important aspect of the game as it is very difficult to manage the Kingdom if you have scarce resources. Mentioned below are the main resources that are important for the growth and prosperity of your kingdom.


It is a primary game currency, which can be used to upgrade your viziers as well as purchase buildings and other items. Earning Gold is easy as you can acquire it by playing different quests or you can raid other players and loot them. You can also regulate a steady supply of Gold by imposing levies on your citizen. As and when your kingdom expands, the amount of Gold required to maintain also increases substantially, which is difficult to arrange by these methods. You can easily get gold with Game Of Sultans Cheats 2020.


It is yet another important resource as grains can be used to create soldiers for your army. If you don’t have a strong army, your kingdom will never be at peace as there will be many stronger kingdoms who will keep on confronting you. Grains can also be collected in the form of levies and obtained from imperial parliament, etc. Apart from creating soldiers, Grains are also needed to feed the citizens of your kingdom. This signifies; bigger your kingdom more will be your Grain consumption!


They are the premium currency, which can be used for special tasks such as; hosting parties, learning secrets, unlocking vizier’s abilities, and creating heirs. You can earn small amount of Diamonds by completing different quests and unlocking certain achievements. However, the amount of Diamonds required to run a kingdom can only be acquired by purchasing it with real money.

If you want to compete with other online players in Game of Sultans and don’t wish to spend your hard-earned money then it is recommended to use Game of Sultans Hack. It is a reliable and safe tool, which will take care of all your needs as you can instantly generate infinite quantities of Gold, Grains, and Diamonds. Once you start using Game of Sultans cheat, your main focus would be on the growth of your kingdom and wellbeing of your subjects, as the finances needed to run the kingdom will be taken care off.

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