Use Gardenscapes Hack To Help Austin Build A Beautiful Garden

If you enjoy playing Match-3 level games then you should consider spending time on Gardenscapes. It is a challenging and interesting online game wherein you need to manage a garden and make it prosper. The leading character of the game is Austin, a butler who faces several challenges while growing his garden.



Similar to any other online game, your success wholly depends on the amount of currency that you earn. In Gardenscapes game, Stars and Coins are the two main currencies. Other than these currencies, Power-ups and Boosters also play an important role in the game. Let’s find out more about them.

Gardenscapes Currency


The primary in-game currency of Gardenscapes is Coins, which are required for purchasing boosters, extra moves, refilling lives, additional time for finishing missions, enhancing the speed of completing tasks, and much more. In short, the entire game depends on the availability of Coins. So, you need to work very hard to acquire them in the game.

A few ways to earn Coins in the game are completing Match-3 levels, earning as rewards by restoring certain areas of the garden, spinning the wheel every day, logging to the game each day and completing your daily tasks, finishing missions, and more. Among these, the Lucky Spin is the most interesting method to earn freebies as you may end up acquiring a Jackpot as your reward for the day.

Although there are various ways to earn Coins, the amount accumulated through them is less. Hence, gamers start spending their real money on buying Coins from the game store or they make use of Gardenscapes hack, which lets them generate an unlimited amount of Coins instantly.


Stars are vital in-game currencies that are required for completing certain tasks like cleaning gardens, installing benches, etc. and for buying premium items. As you progress, you will require a couple of Stars to start a new day in the game. However, earning them is quite difficult as you may end up obtaining only 1-2 Stars in spite of playing the game for several hours. An easier way to acquire them is by using Gardenscapes cheats or by spending real money to purchase them from the game store. Both these methods will let you obtain an infinite amount of Stars within a few seconds. The choice is yours!


Boosters are available in numerous types like Double Blast, Rainbow Blast, Shovel, and more. Among them, Shovel is the most-helpful Booster in the game as it will let you eliminate a tile or layer of an obstacle instantly. They are special power-ups that can be earned in the game by completing a day, winning as a reward in the spin wheel, or successfully finishing a special event. You can buy Boosters from the game store by spending in-game currency. If you do not have enough amounts of Coins and Stars then you can even use real cash or Gardenscapes hack to acquire them.


Dynamite, Bomb, Lawnmower, and Firecracker are some of the power-ups that are available in the game. You should try to acquire as many power-ups as possible; because by using them, you will be able to reach new levels quickly in the game. Each power-up consists of special strengths, and you should gain detailed information on them so that you can use the apt power-up to complete your grid and reach new stages quickly.

Few Important Strategies That Will Make Your Gardenscapes Game Simpler Are Mentioned Below.

  • If your Booster has landed on a wrong tile, then without making any further moves, just exit the level. When you start playing the level again, your Booster, as well as Lives, will remain the same.
  • Join the gaming developer’s social networking sites and make as many friends as possible. Friends can help you by providing a Life when you need the most. So, take their help in the time of need and don’t forget to repay them too.
  • As you keep progressing in the game, the levels will get tougher. You will be provided with a limited amount of moves to complete the grid, so play strategically.
  • By matching the same types of grids, you can create power-ups so ensure that you match all of them. The power-ups will help you to clear a tricky level quickly at any point in time.
  • Lives get regenerated by waiting for some time. So, if you are unable to acquire them from other sources, then all you need to do is patiently wait until they regenerate.
  • Various Boosters can be unlocked as you keep progressing in the game. However, you should not use them instantly. Save them up to use them at the right time!

Now that you are aware of the various in-game currencies, its usage and tips to earn them, as well as strategies to follow for succeeding in the game; use them all and have a wonderful time while playing Gardenscapes game.

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