Girls X Battle 2 Hack – Learn How To Get Diamonds

Even though Girls X Battle was one of the hardest RPG games, developers decided to put a new installment for the lover of this game series.

This time Carol games added an extra number of obstacles that require more focus on mastering the basics and using an effective strategy in a wise manner.

In the previous version, the main problem was taking over enemies, but this one has several things to look after.

Earning a decent amount of diamond is the major trouble that can make you feel frustrated in this multi-platform mobile title.

Despite the free to play gameplay, you can end up spending money on the purchase of virtual currencies. But, don’t worry because our guide and Girls X Battle 2 hack got your back.

Here are some essential tips for mastering the gameplay, earning a genuine amount of diamonds and a few short tricks to puzzle opponents with ease. Let’s begin by exploring all –

1. Fighting Through Stages

Whether you are playing the initial stages or the hard one, fighting through all the stages matters a lot. The first ten are easy and require a little focus on mastering the battling style. So, we suggest you rushing through the early stages to reach at a critical point.

Here, level 11 gives you first significant progress because it the first threshold to let you begin progressing. Over time, you will learn how to play the basic stages, and then going through each level will help keep on getting better.

When you are playing the beginner stages, you must keep it in mind that you don’t waste your time learning the basics from tutorials only. Just have a few glimpses and remember them. Use them and keep on getting better with the same.

2. Summoning New Girls

While progressing through the intermediate levels, you can look after summoning new girls which will be an effective and reliable option to look after. This game offers you three different types of summoning, which can come in handy.

  1. The Regular Capsules – The use of regular capsules is effective summoning any girl, but the probability depends upon the star rating of girls. The below mentioning are chances of summoning with a regular capsule.
    • 1 Star Girl – 56%
    • 2 Star Girl – 34%
    • 3 Star Girl – 8.5%
    • 4 Star Girl – 1.45%
    • 5 Star Girl – 0.05%
  2. The Advanced Capsules – This capsule has a different probability, but you can’t expect the 1 Star and 2 Star girls by the same. So, if you use the advanced capsules, then the probability percentage is
    • 3 Star Girl – 78.42%
    • 4 Star Girl – 20%
    • 5 Star Girl – 1.58%
  • The BFF Capsules – With this capsule, you can’t expect 1 Star girls, but the rest options are still available. However, the percentage varies a lot in this one, and it is only good with 3-Star girls.
    • 2 Star Girl – 32%
    • 3 Star Girl – 54%
    • 4 Star Girl – 13.2%
    • 5 Star Girl – 0.8%

These are all the options available that you can expect from the summoning capsule. Variation matters a lot, and in the battle range, you must know that you choose the right capsule while summoning any of the girls.

Needless to mention, 1-Star girls are easy to get, whereas 5-Star girls are hard to see. You can find that if you are stuck in any situation, then the BFF capsule is quite effective because the 3 Star girl is powerful, and you can expect a great help while taking over a level.

3. Adding More Friends

Having a good number of friends in this game means a lot in playing style, and it can let you access the additional tweaks, which matter a lot during the progression. That’s why you can consider it without any problem.

Using Girls X Battle 2 Cheats will put extra advantage here. Despite the important feature, they are also helpful summoning girls; that’s why you can put a little attention on this tip.

You can send a friend requests to all the people who are playing this game, and there is no doubt that every other person with accepting your friend request. In case you want to add more friends and without making many efforts, then you can look at alternative options at the main screen.

Head over to the main interface of the game and then look at the top left corner, tap on the player icon and learn about your ID. Now, you can share this.


Battling in the arena can help to get better rewards, and it can make you progress with ease through the hard levels, that’s why you can rely on it. During the first time play, make sure that you earn enough virtual currencies and consider Girls X Battle 2 cheats to progress effectively.

Girls X Battle 2 Hack