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Star Girl Cheats - Learn How To Get Diamonds


The Star Girl game is a perfect game if you are into dressing up games and being in the glam of the society. The game features out dressing up the girls, making them look perfect all the time for all type of events. Here you can flirt with the celebrities out there present along with you in the events.

There is nothing like encountering actions in the game, but do you know what keeps the player engrossed in the game?  Well, these are the goals that are assigned to the players which develop the desire in the players to complete the quests and the tasks. The game will surely provide you the best experience to be and behave like a superstar.

If you think that the game is straightforward to play, but it is more complicated, then you think of it to be like that. In the game the player, a will require to collect the funds which you can purchase at the ATM’s in the game with real money. So, if you are not willing to spend money on these, then you can choose the Star Girl cheats as the backup plan which will allow you to obtain the funds in an unlimited amount.



There are some kinds of fund that you need to maintain in the game.  These funds are the coins, gems, and energy. 

Coins: talking about coins that you need to stock up in the game, then here I have mentioned about why we need to collect the coins in the game and what is there use.

The coins and stars are required to level up you in the game and to explore the various aspects of the game for gaining the experience.

You will also require the coins to purchase clothes and accessories in the game to make yourself presentable in front of the other celebrities and people, which will eventually help you in getting your partner in the game.

 To catch hold of the cons, you will require doing a job in the game, or you can either play the quests.

Energy: In the game, you will require a sufficient amount of energy to complete the various set of tasks. The energy gets refilled in some time in the game. But you need to see where you are spending your energy. However, if you want to play the game without worrying about losing the energy, then there is always an option of getting unlimited energy by using the Star Girl hack.

Diamonds: While we are discussing the diamonds, then here I would suggest you keep a hold on spending the diamonds in the game. It is because it is the premium currency in the game, which is very difficult to obtain. Therefore, it is necessary to look out for their disbursing.



To help you explore the game properly, we have come up with some tips for those who are new to the Star Girl game.

  • Clicking the hoardings will allow obtaining a few amounts of coins.
  • Invest in your clothes and the accessories to make yourself look attractive; thereby, it will help you in making more friends and find the love of your life.
  • Keep checking your phone for any job notification in the game, because to maintain your attractive vibe you will require earning some coins for managing your expenses. However, if you feel like spending lavishly, then you can go for the Star Girl cheats and obtain the unlimited fund and spend as much you want to spend.
  • Don’t spend your energy in trolling the celebrities, it may seem fascinating to you, but it is a total waste of the energy, therefore to maintain yourself it is better to spend the energy wisely.


The novices can play the game by following the assistance of these tips and becoming the star of the new world. So, Get ready for the mysterious encounter of exploring the game.