Growtopia Hack

Growtopia Cheats – Easiest Way To Generate Gems

Growtopia is a dense severe run multiplayer online video game that allows you to enjoy various things like farming, building your world, trading, and much more. Not only this, but it also allows you to add friends and chat with them. The game was released by the most renowned developers, Ubisoft, for the platforms iOS, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and PlayStation 4. So, if we talk only about the device compatibility, then the game if offering quite a good device range to play the game on.

The game can be downloaded for completely free from the Playstore, but keep in mind that it concludes in-game currencies that you might want purchasing to enjoy exclusive features of the game. Purchasing the currency will require spending real money. If it doesn’t sound to you as a suitable option, then you can try Growtopia cheats to get instant currency in the game.

If you are here, then it is undeniable that you want to get more familiar with the features of this game. So, without making you wait any more, let’s get straight to the elements.


Growtopia is a two-dimensional multiplayer game that allows you to enjoy its intense gameplay with your friends. Here you can grow anything with the help of tree seeds. Though there are as such no specific goals, it does have an achievement system, epic quests, other NPC quests, etc.

Now, if you are new, then the game will direct you towards a tutorial where you will get to know about all the basics of the game. Initially, you start the game with two of the tools one is god gifted that is a fist, and the other is a wrench for wrenching the stuff. You can create your world here and can visit others as well.  All the planets are of similar size leaving aside the special ones. In the game, there are gems that the players require collecting. To get your hands on the gems, you can break and build the blocks. Apart from the gems, you can also get seeds as a reward.  You won’t be able to do anything activities if some other player blocks your world. However, you can use the Growtopia hack anyways to get unlimited gems.  As per if we talk about the game, then there are locks of different sizes like small, big, huge, and the world lock, which you can use to block other player’s worlds. Apart from these, you will also get different types of special locks like a diamond and world locks in the game.

Gem Farming

When it comes to resources, then one big reason for their collection is that you can get gems in exchange by trading those resources in the game. Gems are the most crucial in-game currency of Growtopia, which, if present in a limited amount, can cause pain in your neck. It is because without enough gems, you won’t be able to purchase the exclusive goodies in the game. Not only is this even you can’t upgrade the pieces of stuff you have in the inventory. Therefore, you can collect resources by letting them grow on your land, harvesting, and then trading them for gems.

However, if you are keen on getting all the gems for free that too effortlessly, then the Growtopia hack is the only way to that.


Splicing is a technique of combining distinct seeds to get a specific seed for the exclusive item.

For this, you require a space directly above a solid block and two different varieties of seeds. Once the seeds get spliced together, a unique seed will generate. Here’s an example of splicing- you will get a wheat seed by splicing together the grass seed and the door seed.

Apart from splicing, you can also enjoy the pleasure of combining DNA, forging, grinding, and much more.


The events are organized on a daily, monthly, and annual basis in Growtopia in which you can participate. You can win these events to get rewards. There are different types of events in the game, such as jackpot events where the gems are spawned all over the world, deathmatch where you have to kill enemies, and this will give you few of their gems for a short period. Some other events are listed below:

  • Chemical spill- toxic waste is spawned everywhere in the world.
  • Magical seeds- in this particular event, you require finding a total of four mystery block seeds.
  • Beautiful Crystal- The event is pretty much the same as the previous one. The only difference is that here, you require finding the crystal block seeds instead of magical seeds.
  • Desert Blast- Here, you have to collect Desert blast.

Now in most of the events that require the collection of something have a time limit of   30 seconds. So, play the event keeping your mind aware of time as well.