Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats – Coins and Gems Hack

Are you a huge fan of Harry Potter and have always waited for the new release of the book series? Have you dreamt of entering the all-famous ‘Hogwarts’ so that you could experience the entire story personally? If yes, then here is a chance for you to fulfill your dream! Start playing this game now and try Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats on your IOS or Android device and be one of the members of Hogwarts!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats

It is a role-playing game where you can customize your own gaming character, who is going to be a new student of Hogwarts. Depending on the gender you prefer, you can create an avatar and customize it by changing its shape of face, color, skin, eyes, lips, hairstyle, clothing, etc. So, are you ready to acquire your magic wand now?


Coins: How To Earn Them?

Coins are the primary in-game currency that can be purchased from the game store. The different packages that are accessible for Gold Coins are purse, pouch, case, hut, and tower of Gold Coins. Whenever you are tired of playing the main mission, you can repeat classes to earn some more Gold and other rewards. This is a great way to learn new spells too. Gold will be useful in purchasing new clothes and other accessories, so you should spend some time in grinding the classroom lessons to earn them. If you are in absolute hurry, then consider using Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack and cheats for generating Gold Coins within a few seconds.

Gems – How To Earn Them?

Gems are the premium currency that can be purchased by spending real money. There are various packages available for Gems in the game store like handful, sack, trunk, trainload of Gems, etc. You can buy any of them depending on the amount of money you want to spend on in-game currencies. You will require Gems for buying several premium items and for starting a quest, especially when you do not want to wait for few hours to begin a quest. If you don’t want to buy Gems with cash, then follow the below-mentioned methods to earn Gems:

  • You will get a choice of three rewards after completing an activity. Mostly, Gems will be one of those rewards. So, ensure that you complete your activities every time and select Gems as your reward.
  • As soon as you upgrade your witch or wizard, you will earn Gems as rewards.
  • Learn as many new spells as possible because they will let you earn Gems.
  • Spend time with friends and keep making new ones too! You can plan for an adventurous trip with them and as you keep leveling them up, you may sometimes earn Gems as rewards.
  • As you have read above, earning Gems is not easy and even if you earn them, you will get in limited quantities. This is the reason; most gamers prefer using Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats tools that are easily available online for earning Gems instantly.

Energy – How To Earn Them:

Energy is an important resource of the game that can be earned by spending Gems. It is available in the game store in the form of packages like Bit of Energy, Stash of Energy, and Hoard of Energy. The good news is that you can earn Energy without spending a penny. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to earn Energy gradually:

  • Look out for an Easter Egg hidden in Hogwarts as it can make you earn Energy.
  • At the Eastern Towers, next to Charms classroom there is a painting of a woman in a white colored dress. Tap it to earn a free Energy point.
  • Near the Prefect’s bathroom on the West Towers, you can tap on the nature’s painting to earn a single Energy point.
  • Similarly, you can earn a single Energy point by clicking on the stone fire stand, which is located to the right of Great Hall on the Lower Floor West.

If you want to earn plenty of Energy instantly, then you need to use the below listed tips:

  • When you complete an activity, you can select Energy as a reward among the three rewards that you acquire each time.
  • As soon as you level up your wizard or witch, your energy meter will get full automatically.
  • If you are patient enough, then just wait for sometime till the Energy meter gets refilled.
  • You can spend Gems to earn Energy Boosters instantly.

Earning Stars:

You will notice some bars accessible in the game, which will have few Stars mentioned on it. To get more Stars you need to fill up the bar by performing various tasks. For acquiring tasks, you need to tap and check the objects or persons that are highlighted in blue color. Just keep tapping until your finish the entire task. Remember that for each tap, you need to pay one Energy. As you have limited time to earn Stars, ensure that you finish the task as quickly as you can.

Which Reward Should You Choose?

You will be provided with several options as rewards at the time of completing a lesson. Some of them are Gems, Gold, Energy, and Stat boost. It is vital to select the right reward at the right time as it will have a great impact on your game. As you have read above, you can earn Energy through various ways. So, it is advisable to select Energy as a reward only if you are in between a quest and your Energy meter is low.

The Stat boost should be selected only when you want to enhance the speed of the class and are supposed to make more dialog options. On the other hand, if you want to purchase some accessories or clothing or want to acquire plenty of Energy at once, then you should choose the in-game currencies as rewards. Mostly, whenever gamers get Gems as an option, they acquire it without giving a second thought, as Gems are extremely vital for progressing in the game. However if you are too lazy for rewards consider using Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack.

Mentioned Below Are Some Effective Tips That Will Make Your Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Game Simpler:

  • If you want to leave a lesson mid-way then just tap on the door icon, which is located in the bottom right corner. Usually, players use this tip only when their Energy Meter is getting low.
  • In case your Energy gets over in the midst of a quest, you can either refill it instantly by spending Gems or log out and wait till it gets refilled automatically.
  • Always stay connected to WIFI at the time of playing the game because as you keep playing, the game will download data.
  • There are four houses in Hogwarts and you can select any one of them. Ensure that you earn plenty of House Points so that you can win the House Cup as it will reward you with 100 Gems.
  • Points can be earned by performing well in each quest. Remember that if you break a rule in Hogwarts, fail to complete a quest, or end up doing something wrong then your Points will be deducted.
  • An easy way to earn Points is by answering Harry Potter related questions in the class.
  • Try using Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack to simplify the game.

To conclude, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game is a perfect one for all Harry Potter fans! So, download the game and live the life that you have always dreamt off while reading your favorite Harry Potter series!

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats


  1. This game is absolutely wonderful. I have been waiting for my letter from Hogwarts since I was 7. Now, finally, has the time arrived for me to take part in the studies of magic. Really good game!!

  2. I think, that the Hogwarts mystery is the best game on the World. I like Harry Potter, so this game is lovely for my person, so I ‘ am happy, that I play this game.

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