Hay Day Hack

Hay Day Hack

Hay Day Hack – Coins and Diamonds Cheats That Works

Whenever it comes to the farming games, then you may have heard of too many, but there can be no other better farming game then Hay Day. It is a colorful farming mobile game that is entirely free to play and is developed by Supercell. When the game initiates you get to know that your farm is completely withered up and you need to make it look elegant once again. For this, you will get a coat of paint, which means you can give a nice layer of paint to your farmhouse, silo, and the barn. Not only this, but you will also need to take the responsibility of earning some funds by selling the crops, which means that you will require sowing, and harvesting the vegetables as well.

However, you can also earn funds through an alternative that is making the use of the Hay Day cheats. Apart from that, the game also allows you to construct various buildings and decorative stuff to your farm to spruce it up. So, let’s see what other tasks we have in the game to do, and for that, stay tuned to the forthcoming paragraphs.

Hay Day Buildings – the start

Initially, in the game, you will require constructing three buildings. These three buildings are:

  1. Farmhouse – Farmhouse is the building has meager importance among all of them. It is there on your farm to keep tracks of what you are doing and your achievements. When you tap on the farmhouse, then you will see a list of highlighted objectives that you will require completing to obtain the Diamonds and XP’s as rewards. It is the only purpose of the particular building.
  2. Silo – You can imagine this building as a tall cylindrical tower-like building that is meant for the storage of all the products that you collect in your farm. It will consist of all of your harvested berries, vegetables, and fruits. Initially, the building will fill up quite quickly; therefore, it is necessary that you sell the crops regularly at the shop you have. Another way of preventing it from getting filled and earn more profit at the same time you can use raw materials like milk to produce cream and other goods and then can sale them as well. However, if you have already used the Hay Day hack previously, then you may not find the need for more money as you will already have funds in unlimited amount.

In the start, the silo has only the capacity to store 50 units only, but you can always make an upgrade its capacity every time by 25 units. To upgrade, keep collecting nails, screws and the wooden planks.

  1. Barn- The barn is the enormous red building next to you farmhouse — the building stores all the essential goods that you prepare on your farm. Also, here you will find some of the tools, supplies that are required to upgrade the materials in your farm. The barn also gets the field up pretty quickly as it also has the same capacity as a silo. Here also you need to keep it clean as there are some rare drops that you will not be able to get in your barn. To upgrade barn with 25 units, you will need planks, bolts, and duct tape.

Now, let’s dig into the in-game currencies that are there in Hay Day.



Here is Hay Day, there are only two types of currency that you can amass, and these are important as well to make good progress in the game. So, let’s see what these two currencies are:

  • Coins
  • Diamonds

Coins: The coins are the essential currency in the game that you will require to purchase everything, which even increases its importance. There are a couple of ways through which you can earn coins. You can get coins by selling the goods, opening the mystery boxes, completing order popping Tom’s balloon and by spinning the fortune wheel. However, if you get stuck somewhere, then it is more preferable to go for the Hay Day cheats and get back to the track.

Rest you can buy the coins and diamonds both by spending real money in the game. So, now that you know what the essential aspects of the game are, why don’t you try the game? Hasten up and download it from the play store.


  1. Love hay day! I can’t get enough playing it! I stopped playing my other online games after starting hay day! Look forward to new things as they come along!

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