Empire With Hempire Hack – Best Way To Get Diamonds and Cash

Hempire is an interesting strategy game wherein players can own a marijuana farm and grow different types of weed. Other than growing weed, you can also market your products at the dispensary for a profit. You will even be provided with an opportunity to diversify and expand your operation, so that you can eventually create a Weed Empire. Listed below are some of the main features of the game, which makes Hempire a unique game that can be enjoyed on pocket platforms.

Different Plants

You can grow and master the art of farming different kinds of weeds and strains such as; Hindu Kush, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Sativa, etc. You can also combine two or more strains in your lab and create a whole new hybrid. The customization options will help you to create the best hybrid weed, which will enable you to convert your simple weed farm into a thriving and organized weed business.

Baked Goodies

The game features different goods, which you can make with your weeds such as; weed infused brownies, cookies, and many more stuffs. There are lots of different recipes that you can try and develop into tasty goods, which in turn can be sold in the market for a higher price.


You will get a chance to make some legit investments as you can reinvest the money earned by purchasing real estate, renovating old buildings, etc. You even have to manage incidental expenditure such as; building road access and fixing broken streets. These investments will thereby increase the value of your property.

Town Building

If you want to take your Weed Empire to a global scale then you need to concentrate on town building elements by constantly constructing and upgrading different buildings. There are three main buildings in the game i.e. Warehouse which is needed to store your products, a Shed where you can store your equipment, and a Lab where you can craft the best weed. You have to upgrade these buildings regularly so that you can build a large scale Weed Empire or Hempire.

Global Competition

You can compete against thousands of other players by participating in the Hempire Cup. You can climb the leaderboard ladder slowly by producing simple weeds or jump up the ladder by producing crafted strains. Moreover, you can complete different orders at the train depot to gain a spot in the global leaderboard.

Every business thrives on two things; business acumen and money. Now that you have gained knowledge on various gaming strategies suggested above, you need to even learn to manage money. Shared below are the details on in-game currencies, which will help you in expanding your weed business.


It is the main game currency, which can be used to purchase properties and to upgrade your lab, warehouse, and other buildings. You can earn Cash by simply growing different kinds of weeds and marketing them at the train depot, weed on wheels, and dispensary. You can also participate in different events in order to earn extra Cash by growing special items.


They are the premium game currency, which can be used to purchase extra slots in the dispensary and weed on wheels. These buildings will allow you to sell only a limited number of products each day. You can increase them by purchasing additional slots and thereby increasing your earnings manifold. However, acquiring Diamonds is not as easy as earning Cash because it is received by leveling up in the game or by unlocking certain achievements.

You will always have the option to purchase Cash and Diamonds from the pawn shop with real money; else you can follow the below mentioned tips, which will help you to generate currencies in the game.


You can watch advertorial videos that comprises of 30 second duration, and at the end of each video you get two Diamonds. You can repeat this activity several times a day in order to acquire Diamonds.

Water Plants

Different types of plants require special care and some of them have to be watered multiple times before they start growing. You will receive mastery for the plants that have been watered at proper intervals and such plants will produce more yields as compared to other plants. Thus, you can earn more Cash by selling them.

Expand And Diversify

In order to earn more Cash, make sure that you invest in purchasing the right equipment for your lab as well as keep on upgrading your warehouse. Investing in real estate is also a good way to earn currency in the game as you can develop the property and then sell it for an enormous amount of money.

Playing Hempire game sounds fun; but it won’t be a piece of cake, as you need to manage greedy cops and ruthless competitors to build a flourishing empire. If you wish to effortlessly manage your empire then use Hempire hack, which provides infinite amount of Cash and Diamonds immediately. As long as you are using Hempire Cheats, no other gamer will be able to match your success as you will have unlimited finances at your disposal.


Empire With Hempire Hacks