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Sega Heroes Hack - Best Way To Get Gems

Are you also looking for amazing role-playing games to play? If yes then you should not skip checking out this fantastic RPG game by the Demiurge Studios- Sega Heroes. The best thing is that the competition here brings out all the legendary characters from the saga series on one single platform.

The story starts with two protagonists named Dremagen and Dr. Robotnik working together to bring the evilness in the universe of SEGA. Here your job is to protect the world by gathering the legendary heroes together. Along with your strong team, you need to fight against the Dremagen.

To fight the battle, you will need to clear the stages of the puzzle and grabbing on to the necessary funds.

As you will start the game, you will get to know that you can control only a few characters but don’t fret, as you will make progress in the game the more characters will get unlocked. However, you will require unlocking the characters by unlocking them with the help of the gemstones that you will need to keep collecting in the game. There’s one more option to use the Sega Heroes hack through which you can grab onto an unlimited amount of gems in the game; then you can unlock the various character in the game without worrying about the expenditure of funds anymore.


Talking about the credits then there are few of them in the game. These are some of the necessary funds which can’t be neglected in the game and are indispensable to maintain them. Therefore, it would be better for you to have a little bit knowledge about these so that you become familiar with these to some extent. There are some experience points, spirit stones, gems, gold, and hero shards.

The gold, gems and the XP’s are required to level up yourself in the game, which you can either obtain from the looting campaign missions or by spending the real money on these and making the in-app purchase. 

Hero shards are one of the prime funds in the game that are used to unlock various new characters in the game and also to upgrade the heroes that you already have. Accomplishing the looting campaign missions also help to acquire the hero shards. Various characters require a different number of hero shards to get unlocked. For example, the sonic hedgehog requires 50 sonic shards in the game. These can be earned by completing the event and the quests.

For the enhancement of the characters, you will require the spirit stones. You can also use the Sega Heroes cheats to grab onto an unlimited amount of the spirit stones.

Tip to catch hold of the funds in the game

If you are new to the sonic universe, then you may require some of the tips to collect the credits in the game.

  • Looting

It is imperative to get a three stared rating in the game. Getting three started rating in the game, you can loot the currencies eight times a day in each stage. Isn’t it worth getting the three stared rating? TO get to the three stared level, your all fur heroes need to thrive in one complete stage. Rest if you are not able to ultimately survive through the battles and are unable to loot that much amount of credits then don’t worry you always got the back of Sega Heroes hack.

  • Strategies for the battle

In the stages of puzzles, you need to match three similar tiles in a row or column. As the levels will increase the difficulty of the battle will also grow up. Therefore, try to match more than three tiles together, it will activate the respective characters, and with that, you will be easily able to complete the severe levels.

So, without wasting any further fraction of second, hasten up as the SEGA universe is plunged into the hands of evil Dremagen. Save the virtual world and defeat the god of evil.