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Here we are going to discuss a baseball game that is intense and let you experience the in-depth experience of the game as well. The game is definitely the newly launched Homerun Clash by Haegin’s mobile game. So, if you are in search of a baseball game, then and you need to try this game for sure. The particular game is packed with various game modes and a wide array of features that you can enjoy and have a realistic experience of playing baseball in the comfort of your home.

Rest talking about the mechanics of the game; then, you should not take it lightly at all because it can be tricky sometimes to handle the currencies as well as other elements. Also, there are funds in the game that the players required correcting at any cost exam want to make progress in the game. It is the reason behind the players purchasing the funds through in game purchases.

However, if you want to prevent yourself from spending money on purchasing the funds, then you should instead try using the Homerun Clash cheats. Homerun Clash cheats can provide you a generous amount of funds all at one go and please you from the tension of collecting the funds at every point of the game.


Talking about the characters, then let me tell you very clearly that you don’t get as much as 100 characters in the game like the other games, but here requires starting the game with the most common player, Diane. Now, as you will progress in the game, you will get to unlock many new players, stadiums, equipment, and new game modes as well. Telling you something about the game, then there will be three players against you whom you have to compete with.
Free rewards In the game, you get many opportunities to collect free rewards from price chests and log in daily bonuses and much more. For example, if you defeat and opponent in the battles like one versus one mode, then you get a good number of prizes.


While playing the game, you will collect the chests or the treasure boxes that are filled with many exclusive pieces of stuff and sometimes with Gold, gems, and cards. You will get to see eight types of chests in the game here. These are:

  • Quest-point chest
  • Star chest
  • Battle star chest
  • Silver chests
  • Gold chests
  • Rare chests
  • Unique chests
  • Epic chests

Among these, the last five chests can be earned by only winning the 1vs1 match in the game. You can also claim rewards by collecting chest points in the game. Here

Daily gift

In the game, you get rewards for daily and not one or two times, but three times a day. The regular gifts are a good source in the game to collect the funds. However, the Homerun clash hack is also an excellent option to get your hands on a generous amount of funds and cards in the game.


Homerun clash features several different types of batters, skill cards, and gears. The way to get access to new cards is to first get the chests by winning 1vs1 matches and free matches. Not only these two, but there are many other ways to acquire these as well as through shipping.  These cards are required to upgrade the grades and skills in the game.

Game modes

Let’s take you to the modes of the game that can provide you an enjoyable experience. The game features a total of 4 modes named:

  • 1vs1 matches where you can nail down the entire strategies of your opponent player and beat him down.
  • 4-player match where the goal is to survive until mode as the whole ends. Also, you will reap the rewards if you are the last one remaining in the mode.
  • Challenge mode- here, you can practice your skills by challenging the other players on the platform of Homerun Clash all around the world.
  • Tournaments- It is a mode that puts forward real challenges for you. Here you will have intense competition with other players till the end. The tournaments are a great source of earning and claiming exclusive rewards.


Moving on to the characters that you find in the game, then there are so many unique and exciting characters to choose your efficient lineup. You can also upgrade the characters in the game to provide them better skills and equipment. Upgrading these can cost you credits in the game that you can get quickly through the Homerun Clash cheats.

All in all, Homerun Clash is perfect for those who want to have the fun of playing baseball at the level of their home comfort. So, without thinking, once, even go for the Homerun Clash and enjoy the stunning graphics with it.

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