Try Homescapes Hack And Get Unlimited Stars or Coins Easily

Homescapes is an interesting and addictive online game for all ages, wherein you need to swap pieces to complete the puzzles and reach new stages. Austin is the main character of the game who wants to renovate his house. You need to help him by completing the numerous puzzles and obtain furniture and other decorative items for his house.



The game is not as simple as it sounds, because the advanced levels are quite difficult to complete. Since you receive limited number of moves, finishing the puzzle becomes more and more difficult. The only way to achieve success in the game is by playing carefully and strategically. You will require numerous amounts of Coins and Stars to become successful in Homescapes, so let’s find out more about them.

In-game Currencies Of Homescapes


If you want to replace your furniture, buy new ones, or upgrade the previously owned ones, you will require plenty of Coins. Swapping a piece of furniture with another one can also be done by spending Coins. Some more uses of Coins are to buy Lives, complete certain goals, purchase Boosters, and more. In short, your entire game depends on the amount of Coins you earn and ways to spend it tactfully.

Earning Coins is not simple as you obtain them in few quantities by completing a day in the game, finishing a level successfully, watching advertorial videos, and more. Most of the gamers find their earned currency to be insufficient so they start spending real money to buy them from the game store. However, professional gamers recommend using Homescapes hack, which will let you procure unlimited Coins immediately.


If you want to play Match-3 levels, purchase special pieces of furniture, or progress to the advanced levels then you will require Stars. Earning Stars is quite difficult as you will obtain a single star on completion of a level and by finishing a stage before running out of moves. So, spending real money on purchasing Stars or using Homescapes cheats becomes an easier option for gamers. Both these methods will let you generate loads and loads of Stars in the game.

Vital Aspects Of Homescapes Game That Will Enable You To Succeed


There are several different kinds of power-ups that you can create in the grid. These power-ups will help you to complete the grid quickly. For instance; when you match four pieces in a row, you will create Rocket power-up. The Rocket will clear up the remaining blocks in the row and provide extra points. Similarly, when you match four pieces in a square, you will create Paper Plane power-up, which will let you destroy all other blocks in the grid that are of same color. Another powerful power-up that you can create is Bomb. An easy way to acquire powerful power-ups is by swapping them. To swap a power-up with another one, you will require a move.


Boosters are basically used for completing a tricky level, so whenever you get stuck up at a level, just use Boosters. However, Boosters are not earned but purchased from the game store by using Coins. Moreover, if you want to use special Boosters then you need to spend real cash. You need to purchase Boosters in the beginning of the level and you have to use it in that particular level itself. There are various kinds of Boosters available in the game; and their main purpose is to destroy several blocks in the grid quickly. Another advantage of using Boosters is that it will help you to save a move, thereby making you earn currencies as a reward.

Save A Move

At each level of the game, you need to complete a puzzle with limited amount of moves. In the beginning, the puzzles are easier and you can solve them without any worries. However, as you progress to the higher levels of the game, the puzzles start getting tougher. In such situations, completing the puzzle with limited amount of moves becomes difficult. You need to plan in advance and play with a lot of concentration and patience so that you save moves and are able to complete the level with the allocated number of moves. There might be some blocks that can be ignored in the grid as you can complete the puzzle without destroying them. Most of the gamers fall short of moves and end up playing the same level again. An alternative is to spend Coins for purchasing extra moves and completing the level easily.

Overall, your success in the game highly depends on the in-game currencies that you earn. Those who have plenty of Coins and Stars can purchase power-ups, boosters, and moves easily. It is advisable by expert gamers to use Homescapes hacks and cheats for generating unlimited amount of Stars and Coins. Once generated, all tricky puzzles will become simpler and you will achieve success quickly.


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