Johnny Trigger Hack – Disable Ads, Unlock and Get Money Cheats

A simple action arcade game that is loved by millions of gamers around the globe is Johnny Trigger. It is a free to play action game available for iOS and Android. You can download it and get started with the earning of money. It is the primary currency, and you have several methods to earn the same. In case you are a newbie and having trouble earning a genuine amount, then you can consider Johnny Trigger hack to grab a decent amount.



It is all about focusing on the shooting. There are several ways that can boost your progression and make you one of the best gamers. If you don’t know any sort of adequate manner, then follow the below-mentioned tips. These are going to help you with currencies, and you are also able to clear the level with ease.

  1. Shoot on Time

A single miss means the game is over. Due to this, you need to be precise about the shooting. When you jump, and you find any trajectory from the gun, then you have the option to shoot in that direction. When it starts, you need to slow down a bit. This will give you time. As the trajectory on the enemy shot once. If you tap twice, you will end up missing. Just get the right time.

You need to look at the right time. The best thing is, if the trajectory reaches any part of the opponent, shoot because if you shoot ahead, you can kill the opponent. It works at the initial stages, but it is also an effective choice so, you can look after it without any problem. A lot of gamers miss this opportunity, and they end up facing trouble lately. This is the major cause for sure.

  1. Don’t Shoot Victims

You can find some fugitive or victims on the enemy side. They have a small message on top saying “People” or “Help” or both. In such cases, you need to stay a little bit careful. You can’t shoot those people; otherwise, the level will end. Take care of the enemy in such cases, and if you get less time, then stay bit focused.

Sightseeing is the primary thing to do when you are not in the shooting mode. As the shooting option start, you are already aware of innocent people, and you can take the right action. This short time plays an important role in winning, and this is the reason you can consider it as the most effective option over the other ones. Lots of people prefer such factors.

  1. Drums of Fuel

In the levels, you can find small drums of fuel and enemies nearby it. The best option in such cases is, you can shoot fuel tanks, and they will explode. This will avoid shooting three people at a time, and it is effective if you miss the first enemy. They can let you take over all the opponents.

The best thing you can do is, you should learn to focus on the drum. There are stages where enemies are floating in the air with balloons, and if you shoot at the balloon or the person, you will get rid of several issues. Balloons are the easier target, and you can take over an opponent by such methods.

  1. Watch Ads

In case you are having trouble earning a genuine amount of money and you want to unlock some of the best weapons, then it is important that you watch ads. There are some short ads sections where watching one advertisement can help you earn more money. It works in both versions of the game, normal one, and a premium one.

Advertisements are effective, and they are of thirty seconds. Make sure that your internet should be turned on. If you fail to complete any level and shot by the enemy, then you can hit watch an advertisement to continue button. This will give you a chance and let you start from the same position, which is very effective methods.

  1. Upgrades are vital

Level by level, you will earn more money. Hitting balloons or drums of fuel provide better earning of money. The best part is, you can earn more money with the use of Johnny Trigger cheats, and this is an effective option, to begin with. Some people find it an effective choice, and you can consider it.

Upgrades are vital, and you can enhance the power of gun and bullet speed. It gives you accuracy and chances of cleaning a level with ease are higher. At the boss level, you need guns with greater damage, so it is the most important tip in such levels.

Bottom Line

While shooting a drum of fuel, you should make sure that there is no innocent person nearby because if you shoot any, the level will end. The last thing, do not forget to upgrade guns by spending a good amount of money. If you lack earning a genuine amount, you can consider going with Johnny Trigger hack for more.