Journeys Interactive Series Cheats

Journeys Interactive Series Cheats

Journeys Interactive Series Cheats – Diamonds and Tickets Hack

These days the decision-making games are making a huge presence in the world of gaming. Among the horde of such games, Journeys Interactive Series is also one such game that is gaining hype amongst the players out there. Here also you will have to choose your character, experience the real-life scenes, and make decisions according to the situation. Make sure one thing each of your choices can make hell a lot of difference to the outcome of your story.



Therefore, you should always try to make the best choice out of all. Now, apart from that, there will be some in-app purchases as well which if you don’t want to make then you use the Journeys Interactive Series hack. The hack will allow you to enjoy a generous amount of essential credits in the game without putting many efforts.


Being a new player in the game can cost you a lot. If you made the wrong decision about the credits or even the storyline, then the whole outcome of the story can take a different turn. Therefore, it is essential to get accustomed to a few tips that work efficiently in improving your gameplay. So, without wasting much time blabbering here, let’s delve into the tips mentioned below.

Complete a story if you start it

Whenever you begin a new account in the game, it is always better to finish it not only because it will reward you with certain story completion rewards, but also you won’t be able to collect enough diamonds. You think it by yourself that if you will leave all the stories halfway then how you will be able to enjoy the game. But if in case you still don’t want to complete the stories and are not able to collect enough diamonds then making the use of Journeys Interactive Series cheats.  

Choose the flirting option

Experience the love potion is one of the essential parts of the stories in the game. Now only this will provide you an advantage later on in the game, but it is fun as well. Therefore, you should choose to try it once at least.

Whenever the guy asks you for something, always choose the flirty option.  He will love it and turn out to be advantageous for you in the game further.

Unlocking the new chapters

Initially in the game, you will see that you only have access to some of the stories. To open the unavailable stories right away, you will require completing a good number of stories. The best part is that the free chapters will also be counted in the run. So, be patient and complete the stories to unlock all the stories.

Importance of diamonds and their use

The diamonds can be considered as a premium currency of the game and are rewarded to you whenever you complete a chapter.  Therefore, if you want to collect them in good numbers, then try to achieve more chapters. However, the diamonds can also be collected watching the promotional ads in the game. For each advertisement, you will get a diamond. In each chapter, you can receive four of the extra diamonds by watching ads.

Talking about the utilization of the diamonds, then these can be used to unlock certain premium options. Therefore, it somewhere becomes essential if you are someone who loves enjoying the premium things in the game. However, if you lack enough diamonds in the game then take the help of  Journeys Interactive Series hack to get unlimited diamonds.

Don’t forget to sign in

Always remember first to play it as it will keep your progress saved and you’ll not require playing the game from the start. Also, do this if you play the games on multiple devices. You will not lose the progress whether there is an update or addition of new stuff.

So make sure to connect your game either with your Google or Facebook account. Take this thing as your safety card. It will let you start the game from the same point where you left if. Therefore, don’t forget to get your safety card.

Cheesy options are more fun decisions to make

Well, if you are looking for the tips, then the best and the only advice in the entire game is to always go for cheesy and flirty options. It works the best whole way. So, if you get to flirt with any guy, then you should go for it.

Make sure to choose a more flirtatious answer, especially when you decide to play the romantic series.  Even you can unlock more flirty type of answers using the diamonds as these premium choices can be even better for the gameplay.

So, explore your virtual world and get delved into the love of your partner. Just take the steps carefully as this can either destroy your whole journey or can make it the best.

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