June’s Journey Hack

June’s Journey Hack

June’s Journey Hacks – Quick Guide How To Get Coins and Diamonds

Wooga, a top-rated mobile social game company, has revealed its latest hidden object game named June’s Journey.  The game has already hit the Google Playstore and the Apple iOS stores. If you have been wondering about what June is all about in the game, then let me tell you that June is the main character in the game around which the whole story revolves.

June is struggling to find her missing sister, and you have to help her solve the mystery. You have to travel along with her to help her out in every problem. So, without wasting a single moment here, let me take you to the features of the game. Later on, we will introduce some tips, tricks, and June’s Journey hack that will help improve your gameplay gradually.

Basic Overview

The game features several different modes for including other puzzle modes for you that you can challenge yourself to crack. Apart from that, the game is divided into episodes and further into stories. Now, as you will make progress in the game, more and more chapters will get unlocked. The players here are given a list of items that they have to find out. On finding each item, you will reward with some points that will add to your scoreboard. Each item will take you a little bit closer to the story. This way, you will require completing the tasks in June’s journey.

Some of the most excellent features of the game require a little more exploration to get familiar with. Our guide can help you out in this thing as we have put together some of the major game elements for all the beginners out there in brief. Not only is this, but along with the features, you will also get some tips here so that you can enjoy most of the things in the game.


  • Remember the objects

In a particular episode, specific locations are replayed numerous times, only the list of items changes.  On the other hand, there are odd times as well that the previous item may appear in your list in the same location. Therefore, it is better to take proper notice of every object you collected in previous puzzles.

  • Solving the entire mystery

The thing about hidden object games is that they tend to confuse the players by making the particular item of some different size or by hiding it somewhere between the objects of the same color. Initially, you will easily find all the stuff in the picture frames, but as you will progress, the difficulty level suddenly increases. So, the tip here is that when you are unable to find a piece of item, don’t zoom in the frame; instead, see the picture with a different point of view.

  • Remember the currencies you require collecting

The game June’s Journey features three main in-game currencies that are Coins, energy, and gems. Let’s discuss all these credits one by one below.

  1. Gems

Gems are the premium currency of the game, which can be either collected or bought through real money.  If you don’t want to spend real-life currency in the game, then try using the June’s Journey hack. It will provide you an unlimited amount of gems in the game.

  1. Coins

Coins are the primary currency of the game that is required to purchase the things in the game, such as buildings, decorations. Apart from that, the coins can also be used to remove hurdles from the orchid island. So, it was all about the use of coins, now let’s discuss how we can earn them in the game.

  • The buildings provide you coins after an interval of a few hours
  • Playing the Hidden object scene is also a good source of collecting money in various amounts
  • Star Boxes also rewards you with a good number of coins
  1. Energy

In June’s Journey, you will require coins for each task you do. For example, Participation in events also takes up some of your energy. The energy bar is refilled in the game after every few hours; however, if you want an unlimited amount of energy in the game, then only the June’s Journey cheats can help you in this matter.

  • Tap around

When you get stuck in the game and are unable to find the listed items, then you should tap random odd-looking objects. It is because we have no idea what some pieces of stuff are. SO there are chances that you find the object.  But remember not to tap too much as it will block you from the gap for a few seconds.

These are some of the tips that you can use in your game, June’s Journey. So, are you ready to unleash the mysterious disappearance of June’s sister? Unveil the entire mystery using your intelligence.

June’s Journey Hacks

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