Junes Journey Hack

Junes Journey Hack

Get Unlimited Diamonds and Coins with Junes Journey Hack

June’s Journey is a hidden object game, which is developed by a German based game developer Wooga and is available on pocket platforms i.e. Android and iOS. In the game, you play the role of June Parker who is a nurse by profession and is travelling to New York to take care of her niece after the death of her parents.

The game is free to play but is based on a freemium model where you are required to spend money on in-game purchases in order to level up faster than others. If you want to play June’s Journey game then check out the below mentioned aspects, which will help you to progress faster than other players.


They are the primary game currency, which are received by completing different missions and finding varied objects in the game. The Coins that you earn in the game can be used to upgrade your mansion and island. You can select the products among thousands of items that are available in the game store. As and when you level up, the upgrades will cost more and it will become difficult to progress in the game at faster speed.


Diamonds are premium in-game currency, which can be earned as a reward by completing certain achievements and can be used to purchase hints. There will be several occasions when you get stuck at a level in the game as you are unable to locate a certain item. In this situation, you can make use of Hints. The Hint option highlights the place where the item is located for a brief time, which will make it easier for you to trace the hidden item.

In short, if you want to progress in the game, you will need decent amount of Coins and Diamonds, which is only possible if you spend money on purchasing both currencies or by simply using June’s Journey Hack. June’s Journey Cheat is a great program, which will give you unlimited amounts of Coins and Diamonds. All you have to do is to enter the amount of in-game currencies that you require along with your gaming account credentials. Within seconds, the currencies will be visible in your gaming account. You can then focus mainly on playing the game and unraveling new mysteries as your other gaming needs are taken care by Junes Journey Hack.

The game is one of the finest hidden object games and here are the reasons behind its immense popularity.


The gameplay of June’s Journey is more or less similar to other hidden object games where you have to find all concealed items that are mentioned in the list before the time runs out. If you are successful in finding each listed item then you can progress to the next level. Once you complete each puzzle, you will receive certain points that depend on things such as; time taken to solve puzzles, combo multipliers on successive finds, etc.

Huge Storyline

The game has a vast storyline, which begins when June Parker receives a letter about the death of her sister by her husband. However, when she travels to New York to take care of her niece, she finds clues which reveal that there is a far larger sinister plot that needs to be uncovered behind the murder of her sister.

New Episodes

The game features many mini stories, which will keep you engaged for a long period of time. Moreover, new episodes are added every week so that you do not have to replay the same stories. You will even encounter many NPCs during such mini missions, which will help June in solving her sister’s murder case as she will receive several important information and clues.

More than Hidden Object

The game features hundreds of hidden object scenes with more objects to find and new clues to discover each time you play. The main feature of the game is that it is not just a regular hidden object game where you find clues and uncover mystery as here you can upgrade your mansion. There are hundreds of different upgrade options to choose, which will help you in designing your mansion as well as your entire island as per your preferences.

A Game For Everyone

The controls of the game are pretty simple as you are given a scene that contains lots of items and you need to find the hidden items mentioned in the list by just tapping on them. The game is best recommended for players who have great sense of observation and a keen eye for details. Thus, it is an ideal game for users of all age groups.

If you are a fan of hidden objects game then June’s Journey is a must try game for you, but don’t forget to use June’s Journey Cheats whenever you get stuck on a tricky level.


  1. Awesome game of memory and strategy which is strangely addictive. Being able to redecorate the spaces is a great asset of the game. Very, very interesting game and am loving it so far. Many hidden things within the game that makes it loads of fun.

  2. I have tried at least 10 -15 times to generate diamonds and coins. It just does not work for me. I absolutely love this game and spend hours on my computer but i’ve spent so much money on it that if this does not work for me I will be force to stop playing. I am a senior citizen on disability and I just cannot afford it. If you can help me please do. I’ve tried it on my phone, tablet and computer. Thanks.

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