Just Dance Now Cheats

Just Dance Now Cheats

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Just Dance Now Cheats – A Perfect Game For Dance Lovers

Just Dance Now is an ideal game for those who love dancing a lot. It is a video game rhythm series which is developed by Ubisoft, with the help of which one can enjoy and learn various Dance moves anywhere, anytime. It only requires an internet connection on your phone. The game series is inspired by the song of lady gaga and was released on 25th of September 2014 by the publisher Ubisoft. The amazing Dance based game is available on both Google Play and the app store. Here, are a number of choices for music genres to choose from and to compete with several players from all over the world. Here, you can make your mirror video and can win prizes by participating in the different contests. Awards are decided according to the perfections in the dance moves, and also one can earn the bonus points by striking the gold moves feature.

In-central funds

Coins and VIP passes are the two in-game funds in the game that allow you to enjoy a various premium feature that you can’t get for free. With coins, you can have access to unlock the songs that are not free. Coins

Talking about the coins, then let me tell you that the coins automatically get refilled in the game. You can check the no. of coins by tapping your coin wallet on the screen. But these coins are limited to a precise amount because these are only refilled to let you experience and understand the game. You can easily decide to purchase the VIP card. Now that we have landed on the topic of the VIP card, let’s see what they are. But you can always use the Just Dance Now cheats with which you can refill your coins limitlessly and enjoy the game furthermore.

Vip passes

These passes are significant if you want to enjoy the game further. With this pass you no more need to spend the coins to dance on your favorite songs; you can play any song from the playlist you want. But there is a specific duration limit of the pass till when the card is valid.  For example:

You can buy two types of VIP cards having different duration of time. One opt the card is valid for one day only, and after 24 hours you’ll require to purchase another card. Regardless, you have used the card or not. If you want to purchase a card that is valid for a long duration, then you can buy the second one with three months or a year of subscription. Renewal of these cards gets automatically done when the subscription ends, and the amount is deducted from your account.

If you want to get rid of this annoyance, then you can avail the Just Dance Now hack to have access to an unlimited no. of currency.

Modes available in the game

Moving on to the modes of the game, here I have explained some of the modes and the features in it. You can have a look at these below.

  • First one is the standard mode in the game where you can perform a single dance move or with other players.
  • In World dance mode, you can participate and compete with no. of other game users from all around the globe. Winning the battle will make you have the pleasure of receiving the rewards.
  • In 2019 there are two new features have been introduced in which one of the modes is for kids to have fun. In that, there are simple songs only. In another mode, there is a personalization feature that even tells you the difficulty level of the songs that you are going to dance on.
  • There is another mode named the sweat mode. As suggested from the name of the game, it includes more workouts and burns more of your calories.

You can enjoy all these modes until you have the coins to spend on the dance moves or wither you have the subscription cards. If you don’t have one then you should try the Just Dance Now cheats to get your coin walled refilled for limitless time.

Now that you know about the game, explore the game, and increase your dancing experience by learning several new modes.


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