Jurassic World Alive Cheats - Cash Hacks That Works

Are you the poor one who is not getting the things right in the game Jurassic World Alive? Are tired of trying so hard in the game to improve your gameplay? If your answer is yes to both of the questions, then you are in the right place. Firstly talking about the game then it is one of those games that have the propensity to give you goose-bumps with its incredibly realistic looking gameplay.

Some important notes about the game

The game is developed by one of the most famous companies named the Ludia Inc and is dropped on to the gaming platform by the universal studios. The creator has brought us to the real world of dinosaurs with the help of AR technology. You can also download the game if you have gadgets having the Android or the iOS platform.


The game allows you to collect the DNA’s of various dinosaurs and can make a new hybrid out of them. Not only has this but the game also featured collecting the dinosaurs in the map of real word by using the Google map.

From this, you may have got a little idea that the gameplay is a lot more similar to the Pokémon Go, but there are still so many differences.  You will get to know all of these once you dive in the below mentioned important information about the gameplay of Jurassic World Alive. But before I would like to recommend you to make the use of the Jurassic World Alive cheats right before you start the game. It will prevent you from situations like running out of the funds in the game.

So, without doing any further due let’s get into the features of the game.


  • DNA of dinosaurs

Once you have the DNA of a particular dinosaur with you, you can create a dinosaur out of it by spending 50 DNA points in the process.

  • Dinosaur’s hybrids

As mentioned above that you can collect the DNA’s of multiple dinosaurs and use the two of them to create an even stronger dinosaur hybrid. You can use the feature for your advantage in the game by making a dinosaur that is compatible for the particular level.

  • Evolving the dinosaurs

The game features an evolvement process as well with which you can improve your dinosaurs. When you own a dinosaur in the game, you will notice that there is an option of stats that further include the abilities, strength, healing duration, etc. You can evolve the dinosaurs and increase the stats to make it thrive longer in the fight.

  • Battle

There is a battling feature as well in the game where you can make your diamonds fight with the other player’s dinosaurs.  To get into the battle arena, you need to collect your first four dinosaurs only then you will be able to enjoy the battle feature of the game. In the battle, the players require to defeat three of the four dinosaurs to earn the glory. As you will win the battle, your battle level will get increased, and then you can challenge stronger players.

  • Currencies

There are few in-game funds in the game that you need to collect. These credits are the Coins, Bucks, DNA, Food, and the VIP packs. All of the three credits serve a different purpose in the game. You can get these currencies in an unlimited amount by utilizing the Jurassic World Alive hack. But for now let’s have a look at their uses:

  • Bucks: Bucks are required to boost up the levels and speed up the progress.
  • Coins: For purchasing the resources and also to buy various buildings.
  • Food: For raising the dinosaurs.
  • DNA: the Premium currency of the game and is used to create new dinosaurs.

That’s all for the highlighted features of the game. Rest for now; pack your gears altogether and look for the dinosaurs DNA in the virtual-realistic Jurassic world.