King Of Avalon Hack

King Of Avalon Hack

King Of Avalon Hack – Most effective way to generate Gold


Do you want to rule the world of Avalon? If yes, then start playing the game; “King Of Avalon”. Ruling Avalon is not easy and to become the King, you need to battle enemies across the globe, make friends, build a powerful army force, raise dragons, and much more. Moreover, in this game you need to construct and upgrade various military, research and defensive structures so that you are always prepared for wars. To succeed in this game you will probably need our King Of Avalon Hack.

King Of Avalon Hack and Game Features:

In the commencing stages, whenever a timer is over you can upgrade buildings, train troops, and start research. However, after you reach level 13, you need to procure resources before starting with the research or troop training.

  • The best way to obtain more resources is by gathering them. For that, you need to login every few hours and send your army to gather them.
  • Another method to procure resources is by killing monsters and joining rallies.
  • Once in a while you will come across some seasonal activities that will let you maximize your resources.
  • Keep an eye on the Economy Research tree as at higher levels you will be able to increase the gathering rate for resources.
  • In the beginning of the game, you will be given one March Slot. You can unlock two more by searching in the Combat Tree. It is only available for those players who have reached level 20.
  • A 30 day VIP item costs 4000 Gold, which is much better than purchasing resources from the Gold store. So far the easiest way to get gold is to use King Of Avalon Cheats 2020.
  • Always keep your resources safe as there are chances of other players stealing your resources when you are not online.
  • Keep collecting the Wishing Gems and use them when you are in dire need of resources.
  • Gold is the premium game currency that helps in building a structure instantly. Another way to enhance the building process is by using the ‘Speed Up’ Tokens that you will get after some battles.
  • You can spend real world money for getting XP and resources; but, without real money procuring resources and XP will take some time, or the best option is to try our King Of Avalon Hack 2020.
  • An easy way to get help from other players is by chatting with them through the in-game chat rooms.
  • A well-planned strategy will always help in achieving success. You should know when to be invisible and when to call for a war.
  • Ensure that you construct your Empire strong enough so that your kingdom survives in the dragon fire warzone.
  • Resources such as Iron can be stored safely in the Alliance Storehouse, until you require them again.
  • The Gathering Boost item gives a huge boost, but you need to purchase them by spending Alliance Credits or Gold.


One thing is for sure, that if you have a constant flow of in-game currencies then you will be able to keep your playable character alive comfortably. Gold can be used in purchasing weapons and clothes for the character. Gold can be acquired by spending real world money or using our HQ made King of Avalon Hack 2020!

Another option is to acquire them by completing various levels in the game. When you complete a Level, you will be rewarded with some amount of Gold. You can spend Gold for acquiring different power ups. Moreover, it can be used for training your troops quickly and can enhance the overall growth of your empire.

Purchasing Gold Packs For Real Money:

If you are able to play tactfully and survive well in the game without these booster packs then it is not necessary to purchase them. However, if you are finding difficulties then these packs will enhance the growth of your account and give you an advantage over other players.

There are various booster packs available in the game and you can check them out by clicking the Plus icon next to your Gold amount. If you are a first time buyer, then you will come across two Buyer Packs for a discounted price.

The first pack can be purchased for $1 USD. However, its normal price is $30 USD. This pack contains 10 Master Axes, and some common resources such as Lord and Dragon Exp, Food and Wood, Speedups, Assault and Guardian Power, Farm and Sawmill Boost, etc.

The second Buyer Pack is available for $5 USD. Its normal price is $140 USD. With this pack, you will get 100 Master Axes and all those items that are available in the smaller pack. Moreover, the pack also contains 25 of each of the most common materials.

If you want to purchase only Gold, then you can buy some specific packs that contain just Gold. You will even come across some temporary booster packs like Christmas Package, New Year Package, etc. There are some packs that focus on specific game play like Resource Pack, Dragon Power Pack, etc. So, you can buy them as per your choice. Even though you can spend real money for Gold, most of the people still prefer using King Of Avalon Cheats.

Daily Delivery:

An alternative to purchasing a single time pack is to acquire Daily Delivery. This service can be subscribed for a period of 7, 15, or 30 days. In this service, you will receive 600 Gold every single day for the number of days you have bought the subscription. Moreover, you will even receive 6 Master Axes, 5m Speedups, 500 Dragon Exp, a Knucklebone, 10 VIP Points, and 500 Lord Exp.

Comparing various packs that are available in the game is not easy. Neither will you know what you receive in most of the packs. So, it is better to select a few important items that you require in the game and then try to acquire those packs that have the required items. So, buy them and have a wonderful time while playing King Of Avalon game.

An Overview On Some Vital Aspects In King Of Avalon Game


Sawmill is the place where you can produce Wood for your city in the game. The amount of Wood that you create every hour is known as Wood Production. The maximum amount of Wood that the Sawmill can hold before collection is known as Wood Storage. The Wood Storage is usually a multiple of 10 from the Wood Production. For instance, if your Wood Production is 200 then your Wood Storage will be 2,000.


Barracks are the area where you will train your infantry troops. If you want to unlock more powerful infantry troops then you need to upgrade. The amount of resources, timers, and requirements is the same for Barracks, Siege, Range Stables, and Workshop.

Alchemist’s Corner:

In this Corner, you can exchange items from your inventory for Magic and Hero Coupons, Equipment, etc. Then, you can use these Coupons for purchasing Equipment, Magic and Hero items. You can perform this task by selecting the Alchemist’s Corner in the Market Place Building.

Auction House:

It is an open bidding system wherein you will find a lot of items that are put up for auction. These items have a specific current price, minimum increase and time remaining. You can place a bid on any item that you require. The bid should be at least the Current Price + the Minimum Increase price.

Some of the items that you can buy in the Auction House are Gear, Chests, March Capability, Lord Exp, Resource Items, etc. This feature of the game is not feasible for most of the players as the prices of the items available are quite high. However, if you do not mind spending real world money on online games, then you can certainly make use of the Auction House feature.

When you bid on an item, and another player bids for a higher price, then the item will be allotted to the other player as soon as the bidding timer is over. However, you will not lose anything in this process as your full amount will be returned back to your account when the bidding time expires. You can also use King Of Avalon Hack for little help in this game.

Black Market:

Similar to the Auction House, in the Black Market you can place bids on items that you require. However, the difference is that in Black Market you will not be able to know the highest bid during the bidding process. Only when the timer gets over, the items will go to the highest bidder. The players who did not win the bid will get back their currency excluding a fee. This fee is approximately 10 Gold Coins for bidding on all items that are on offer.

Another difference between Black Market and Auction House is that in the former there are large varieties of items listed for bidding. You can bid on Materials, Scrolls, and several Boosts. As there is no fixed price for these items, you can bid anything. If you are lucky enough then you will end up getting a good item for low price.

Final Verdict:

Overall, you need to focus on increasing resource income and decreasing its cost as much as possible. The King Of Avalon is an interesting game with beautiful graphics. Your castle will look so beautiful that you will fall in love with it. It’s a decent game and I would rate it as 4.5 on 5. However, to survive in the game, you will require plenty of in- game currencies that’s why we mentioned our King of Avalon Hack more than a few times!

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