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The hopeless Land game is from one of the most loved action game where you can play with 100 other players in the same map all across the world. Fight among the other players in the battleground to knock all of them if playing in the solo.

The game also allows you to play in a multiplayer game along with your squad with more than 110 players in one battlefield. In the game, the players are plunged in the combat zone through the parachutes and the planes. Here, it is in your hands where you want to land.  You are entirely barehanded when you land in the front line, which means that you need to struggle to catch hold of the weapons, armor, grenades, and the other pieces of stuff in the game. 

You will require killing other players quickly along with maintaining your currency in the game. It is because the map keeps on shrinking and brings the players close to each other in an area. The currency will come handy when you require to update your weapons and to purchase several stuff in the game. For that, you can make the use of Hopeless Land hack, which will provide you a generous amount of funds in the game.


As mentioned earlier that the players are plunged into the battlefield and then the players require finding the weapons and other items in the game to encounter the other players. Here, the zone area in the arena shrinks after little time; therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on the other players awhile moving towards the safe zone area. If you didn’t get in the new zone, then you will automatically get knocked out from the game.

In the starting of the game, a tutorial is provided to you showing you the basic controls in the game. However, it will take time to get familiar with those controls  properly, but using them daily in the game will help in mastering them on your fingertips.


There are two main currencies in the game that are the gold coins and the diamonds that are required to update various pieces of stuff. You can utilize the diamonds and the gold coins to unlock multiple new weapons and dress codes in the game. In order to have easy access to the funds, there are two easy ways. First is by exchanging the real money for them, or if you don’t want to spend cash then opt for the Hopeless Land cheats to get the gold coins and diamonds in the game.


However, if you are wondering about how you can level up yourself in the game faster, then here I am providing some of the handpicked tips for you. These tips will help you to get more familiar with the game controls and strategies.

Join a squad

It is better to play the game in a group of four; thereby, it will be conducive to complete the missions, especially if you have just started the game.

Make your Tactics

The game is all about surviving the battle till the last by using your strategic skills. Therefore, you should strategize your plan beforehand, where you have to land. Also, if you are clear in your mind that you don’t want to beat the brows in collecting the currencies then go for the Hopeless Land hack beforehand to grasp an unlimited number of coins and gems.

Learn to aim correctly

Don’t ever skip the tutorial of the game, as it’ll help you to learn how to aim accurately. Practice properly using various weapons.


These tips are going to assist you to ace up the game with your strategies. So, if you are also from the one who loves playing the battle genres, then you should try the game once, and the game will leave you astounded with its fantastic gameplay.