Last Shelter Survival Hack

Last Shelter Survival Hack

Use The Last Shelter Survival Hack And Take The Last Stand Against Zombies

Last Shelter: Survival is a massively multiplayer online zombie apocalypse strategy game, which is available on Android and iOS platforms. The game is based on a fictionalized world, which is destroyed due to a zombie epidemic and most of the human race has turned into zombies. Here, you play as a commander of a small base who has to protect people from hordes of zombies as well as expand the base in order to accommodate more survivors.

The below mentioned features certainly makes Last Shelter: Survival one of the must-try survival strategy games available on the Internet these days.


Before beginning the game, you have to choose a class from the different classes that are available; such as Farmer, Raider, Trader, and Builder. Each class enjoys certain perks and has a few limitations, so pick wisely. For instance; farmers enjoy more resources but are bad when it comes to combat while traders progresses faster as they can sell their resources for more and buy for less but they too are terrible in combat.

On the other hand, raiders are an excellent choice when it comes to combat as they inflict more damage and take less injures but they progress slowly in terms of resources and overall development. You can change your character class at any time by choosing the class options that are available at the new class hall building.

Dual Combat

Though the game is perceived as a Zombie survival strategy game, but it is actually quite different, as you have to protect your base too from the attacks of other players. The world is coming to an end and resources are scarce, so most of the players attack others in order to get their hands on some extra resources. Hence, you have to stay focused all the time in order to ensure that your base is not overrun by flesh eating zombies and your resources are not plundered by other players.


There are two types of heroes in the game; one is for combat and other one is for development. It is very easy to recruit heroes as all you need is recruitment tickets, which are offered to the players for free each day. The recruitment tickets are of three types namely; normal or basic heroes, advanced or average heroes, and super or best heroes. You can upgrade your heroes and enhance their skill sets, which is very easy to do. You can improve your combat heroes by taking them into zombie battles and similarly you can upgrade your development heroes by assigning them to the building, which suits their area of expertise i.e. production, farming, etc.

Troops And Vehicles

Troops are soldiers that can be used for killing zombies and looting other players. Vehicles can also be used for the same purpose. There are different kinds of troops and vehicles, which you can acquire and use in the battlefield. However, you should choose the troops and vehicles wisely depending on your requirements. If you are planning to kill zombies, then using troops will be the best choice as they are cheaper than vehicles. On the other hand, if you want to conduct raids, then selecting vehicles will be better, due to their strength and offensive capabilities.

The game focuses mainly on town-building elements due to which you have to constantly strive towards upgrading your base. For building a self-sufficient base, you need to have lots of finances and resources at your disposal. Let’s find out more about them!


Food, Fuel, Water, Wood, Iron, and Electricity are the various vital resources, which are required to succeed in the game. It is very important to learn to earn and effectively manage these resources, as it is required for building, researching, upgrading, and marching. In order to do so, you need to construct different buildings such as Farms for Water Filters, Oil Well, Wind Turbine, Lumber Mill, and Refinery.


Money is the primary game currency, which is required to purchase new buildings and upgrade existing buildings. Diamonds are premium game currency, which are needed for instant upgrades and purchasing special troops or buildings. You can earn money by completing different missions and by constructing varied buildings; but earning Diamonds is difficult as it can only be bought with real money.

You can get the resources from the resource buildings and raiding the enemies while currencies can be earned by completing tasks and raids. However, the amount of resources and currencies needed increases drastically with each increasing level, and it becomes difficult to progress further unless you spend money on purchasing the currencies. Those who do not want to spend their hard-earned money on in-game purchases can use Last Shelter Survival Hack. The Last Shelter Survival Cheat is an amazing tool, which will instantly provide you with infinite amount of resources, money, and Diamonds.

All in all, if you enjoy playing Last Shelter Survival game and wish to be on the leaderboards, then Last Survival Shelter Hack is a must-have companion for you to succeed.


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